REVIEW: Anazoe Spa – The Romanos – Costa Navarino

If it wasn’t for the glorious beach a short meander from my roon,  I would have been quite content at spending my entire trip within the 4000 mtrs spa. When discussing our upcoming treatments, one of the male journalists voiced that he’d alway felt that we (humans) are meant to enjoy massages, but wondered whether they are actually thatenjoyable. When reuniting with him post treatment, while sipping herbal tea in the relaxation room, it was apparent that his treatment – Melisseus, The Spirit of Honey – marked the dawn of a new opinion. He was a changed man, and joined in our girly discussion rejoicing the healing powers of a good massage.

Having had a stressful few weeks and a weary-making festival season, I opted for the Healing Massage Remedy by Hippocrates. It’s an innovative style of massage combining advanced soft-tissue therapies with techniques derived from the ancient healing art of physiotherapy. By fusing ancient therapeutic knowledge and Greek aromatherapy in a unique manner, our Healing Massage Remedy will leave you feeling invigorated and renewed.

This luscious honey-based scrub uses the honey of Messinia to soften your skin while lifting your spirit with a combination of healing oils and local herb essences. Rather than the usual, waiting for your treatment in a chair outside, you can enjoy any area of the spa until one of the team locates you for your session, meaning your pursuit of relaxation is an uninterrupted process.

Before you start and change into those oh so fetching disposable panties, you discuss the treatment and answer questions like,  ‘What season do you have most energy in.’ All my answers equaled a ‘Winter’ treatment. A bowl of hot water infused with local herbs was placed underneath the head hole so that I could breathe in some goodness while face down on the massage bed. Hot stones were used during the 50 minute treatment, as was soothing massage strokes, stretches, and those slightly more intense moments that feel like they are doing something extremely worthwhile. Due to the fact this treatment is derived from physiotherapy you really feel that it goes way further than temporary bliss, and that it is actually playing a considerable part in recovering a body ravaged by stress/life/exercise. After the treatment my physiotherapist/masseuse showed genuine concern for my well- being, informing me of the stressed out, knotted and damaged condition she found my legs and back. She asked about my workload and the amount of exercising, presuming from the state of my muscles that I partake in regular and vigorous exercise. I had to inform her that I don’t do any exercise, but do have a stressful life, one which involves coping with M.E and it’s accompanying symptoms. The sympathetic repsonse, followed by helpful advice, was such a surprising revelation. Anyone who suffers from an invisible or largely misunderstood illness will know how rare but wonderful these occurrences are.

Not everyone feels comfortable with massages (you are really missing out though), but fear not, there are plenty of ways to unwind or energise within the space. If you want to immerse yourself in water, head to the pool area and choose from the High Density Water Pool or the Thalassotherapy Pool (I also spotted herbal baths on the price list). I didn’t get to try it myself, but fellow guest Marie enjoyed a heated pool and hot tub near the fitness area during her stay. I’m not a big fan of saunas and steam rooms myself, for some reason they make me cough, however, the guests in my party were raving about the steam rooms, particularly the herbal one. Visually these rooms looks stunning, with colourful mosaic tiles and clever use of lighting which was aesthetically pleasing, but also undoubtedly conducive to achieving zen. The corridors and reception area are ridiculously Instagrammable (yes, that is a word) – draping white fabric, intricate lanterns, wood flooring, with blue and gold lighting (perhaps inspired by the sea and sand) highlighting the beautiful arches and pillars.

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