There is so much buzz surrounding Collection’s concealer I sometimes worry that their other products are overlooked. I don’t have sleepless nights over it or anything, but it would be an awful pity if you missed out on some of there other amazingly affordable offerings. When I received an email informing me of their new range of professional palettes I was desperate to get my hands on them, hoping I could pass on some glowing recommendations to you guys. 

They kindly sent over the YOURSTYLEYOURMOOD eyeshadow palette, the CONCEALANDLIGHTLIKEAPRO palette and the BRUSHANDGLOW palette. I’ll be posting about them all over the next few weeks, but today let’s kick of with the blush/contour set. 

At £4.99 there is a limit to how luxe the packaging can be. Made from sturdy enough black matt cardboard with punchy orange hashtagged text on top it is nice enough, although I would have loved this palette to have a mirror in the lid like the concealer set does. It doesn’t come with a brush, which I think is a wise decision. For blush we tend to have our firm favourites brushes, and no afforable one that comes with a set will probably be good enough to use in its place. The size of each block is perfect and overall the first impression is really good!

I’ve only recently started to contour thanks to the ease of using Benefit’s Hoola. I’m still not into the extreme version of contouring, which involves using the colour to define the nose, forehead, jaw and so on, but I am enjoying sharpening up my cheekbones a bit.

Initially it looks like the contour square is fairly similar to the more expensive Hoola, it’s matt and a fairly similar tone of brown, although Collection’s is ever so slightly darker. The highlight seems fairly subtle when swatched so I predicted it wouldn’t be dramatic enough for everyone, but perfect for those that like a subtle sheen.  The first blush is a girlish pink while the second has more of a coral tone to it. 

I was really pleased with the contour square as it was easy to build up so that you could create a less or more dramatic look depending on your mood or personal preference. The fact that it is relatively dark means that it would work for light as well as medium and skin tones.  

Next up I tried the blushes. I combined both colours until I found the hue I was looking for. I think they’re both lovely shades, but perhaps the set may have been a tad more exciting if they were more obvious in their difference. They are both fabulous every day shades though and suitable most skin tones. I was pleased with how they lasted throuogh the day too, some of my more expensive blushes fade a lot quicker.

 Now for the highlighter. I see the likes of Tanya Burr use highlighter to such beautiful effect, but have never been able to recreate it on my own canvas. I don’t know whether it’s to do with the texture of my skin or the lack of skill in my application, but it just doesn’t ever have that polished wow effect. I just always end up looking like I have cheap white eyeshadow on the top of my cheeks. Not a good look frankly. 

I didn’t hold much hope for a highlighter within a blush set costing under a fiver. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the results. After swatching I wondered if it would be too subtle to have any real highlighting effect, but when used above the brown contour it really adds a beneifical gleam. I also liked it used under my brown bone. I didn’t like using it on my cupids bow though, it kinda just made me look a bit sweaty or like I’d had a sherbet sweet.

Overall I was pretty impressed with the palette. Okay so the aesthetic is fairly basic, but it still looks fairly sleek. You can’t argue with the value for money and they are great in terms of having all you in need in one place. A great space safer for when travelling with your beauty goods. I also love that they give tips on how to use the products on the back – as we can’t all be as proficient at using thse products as the well seasoned beauty bloggers. 

So, if you’ve just been turning to Collection for their trusty concealer, why not give one of these Professional Palettes a go. You can’t even buy a drink in London for that amount!

My final natural, yet contoured/blushed, Autumn day look.

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