As promised I’m back to continue my reviews of the new palettes by Collection. Today I’ll fill you in on the eyeshadow set. It has the same sleek matt black packaging as the others, and is a convenient size – slim, compact and easy to slot in your handbag. 

On first impressions the shades are right up my alley. Sublte and neautral tones, but with options to add some metallic elements when wanting to amp it up come evening time. It looked like the perfect palette. But as you beauty fiends know, it’s all about how pigmented it is when it’s applied to the skin.

First up I’ll talk about the left side of the palette which has brown and gold persuasions. For the last few weeks I’ve been using very similar colours from my Urban Decay Palette so it would be interesting to compare.

Using the instructions on the back as a guide I created this look using the various shades. The overall effect was a light coffee coloured shimmery eye.

I thought the tones of the shadows worked beautifully alongside the contour colour from the set I reviewed yesterday and I was pleased with how well the blended.

They were considerably less pigmented than the urban decay colours, particularly the gold shade, but I found that when they were applied with the finger I got a more saturated and dramatic colour coverage.

As well as being less pigmented than Urban Decay shadows I did find that the colour faded noticebly when attempting to blend, so you may have to go back in to ensure the colours are as clear and bold as you’d like.

That said they did blend really well. As someone who finds it hard to create a graduated look I found it a lot easier than normal, which is a major thumbs for Collection…I need all the help I can get!

I really liked the overall look that these combined shades delivered. Well chosen colours that work just as well in A/W as they do in S/S. This is a great set for all year round and extremely useful for those that adopt a more sibtle approach to eye make up (like myself). 

Now on to the right side….

I had always avoided pink eyeshadows as I thought the combination of blonde hair and bubblebum hues would be too saccharine, too barbie-fied. Then I dyed my hair pink and filmed a Gwen Stefani tutorial and realised how flattering it could be on my skin tone. Since then I’ve been open to embracing my flirty girly side and no longer feel scared of the blush tones within my make up collection. 

As you can see from the images this collection doesn’t deliver pink with a pow! When the shadows are put over the skin they are blush and skin toned, not cartoony bright, thus making them flattering for all ages. They are quite close to my natural skin colour so they would likely pop a bit more on darker or paler canvases.

My look has a coppery feel because I used a fair amount of the sparkly light brown shade in my sockets. If you want it to appear pinker just concentrate on adding more pink to your lids and perhaps leave out graduation techniques or using the darker shades on the socket. As I have a fairly thick line of black eyeliner it takes up quite alot of the surface of the lid, making the pink less obvious. It’s pretty basic – the more of your eye covered in the pink shades, the more feminine and girly it will look.

 I used the plum shade on the corner of my lids and thought it was beautiful colour, one which I look forward to using as the main shade in the future.

Plum and jewel tones are wonderful and always on trend during the chillier months so I love that it is featured in this set. These purpley/red shades are also extremely useful for those that like to embrace their edgier sides and sport and statement grungey eye. 

I always like to think of alternative ways of using products, so I won’t be ruled by the suggestions on the back of the packaging. Don’t be fooled into thinking there are only a couple of ways you can use this palette – with so many possible combinations this palette will keep you busy for a while. Next up I plan to combine the plum from the right side with the gold from the left to re-create that Quality Street look that I’ve come to love of late.

At £5.99, there is no doubt that Collection have once again delivered an oustandingly good value product (again), and one that any gal would be happy to receieve in their Xmas stocking. We don’t always want to lug around our robust, sizeable and expensive palettes around. This is the perfect collection to have in your ever- day and travel bags so you can update and refresh your look whenever it’s called upon. If you adopt very dense and pigmented coverage though, it might take extra work to deliver the look you desire. Overall, another thumbs up.

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