There are some things I always think are just for other people, like luck, money and confidence. Choosing to have an IV Infusion was  one of things I’d always thought only for those tagged with a celebrity status. It seemed way too extreme a measure for someone who would be put in the ‘normal’ bracket. But I feel quite silly dismissing the concept now. 

When you think about the stresses so called ‘normal’ folk are under, we are just as in need of help when it comes to looking after our bodies. We are constantly challenging ourselves, pushing our bodies and facing all sorts of mental trials, just to keep up with what is expected of us in 2015. We are meant to multi task, juggle…and more importantly, cope. In trying to keep up with appearances we neglect the aspects of life that aren’t as visible…our inner well-being. Which is silly, because what’s happening on the inside always eventually ends up displaying itself on the outside.

My ex, who was in showbiz at the time, often used B12 vitamin drips to give him a boost when he needed it. If it is important you are on your A game night after night. but are constantly travelling, eating crappy food and working that bit too hard, you find yourself looking for those quick tricks that can give you boost or help you stay afloat a bit longer. It isn’t always possible to get your 8 hours of quality sleep, your five a day or look after your general well being. No one is suggesting this should be the first thing you do upon realising you aren’t as fresh, robust or healthy as you should be. That said this could be a nice addition to your change of mindset, or plans of giving your body a helping hand. 

I’ve been feeling a tad low of late, mentally and physically. As most of my regular readers and viewers know, I suffer with depression, Insomnia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, so I constantly feel like I have taken a bit of a battering. The words frail, wobbly, weak are often used in conjunction with my name, and the phrases ‘below par’ and ‘sorry I can’t come, I’m in bed’ regularly used when explaining why I been absent from the social calender. 

When I got the email asking if I would be up for trying a treatment there was no hesitation. It came at a time when I would have been willing to try anything to get me out of this particular slump.  It was quite hard to decide which Infusion I wanted to try from the menu though. CFS means that I am constantly suffering with sore limbs and joints, so I thought the Aches and Pains one could be extremely beneficial. When I asked my boyfriend what he thought I should get he obviously tried to encourage me to get the Libido one. After a lot of umming and ah-ing I decided the mood boost would be the best option. Mood effects so many things so I thought the overall effect would improve numerous issues I struggle with. 

The Canary Wharf location is a wonderful setting visually, but also extremely handy for all those high flying business men and women who are working in the nearby skyscrapers. For those travelling into town for their Infusion, rest assured it is very easy to find, and a very short walk from the tube station.

I arrived very early for my appointment but they got me started on the process very swiftly. Before the day of my appointment I had filled in an extensive form, which asked a whole host of questions relating to my current and past health, but also what I was looking to get from the treatment. This had be sent back to the practive prior to my visit. Using proprietary software the
unique prescription is designed precisely according to the client’s vitals and
based on the responses in the medical and lifestyle questionnaire.

  On the day I had to fill in another few pages of details, very similar to ones that you get when you visit a new spa, which give you that confidence that you are at a place that knows what they are doing and will carry out their treatments in a safe manner. 

It wasn’t long before I was sat in their lounge being offered a drink and a fashion magazine of my choice. IV influsion aside, it was nice to be able to sit down and read some trashy gossip without that guilty feeling that I should be doing something more productive. 

The room is relatively small which is nice because any larger it may feel like a hospital ward. Every detail has been finely picked up to make the room feel luxurious but also functional. The chair looks extrenely stylish but have panels either side of the head to give a sense of slight privacy if you want to shut your eyes during the process. I do feel like it would be a bit more comfortable if the chair could recline a bit more and if you could have your feet up. 

My tailor made solution was highly concentrated so it actually didn’t take any more than 15 minutes to empty the drip bag. It isn’t  a needle that stays in you arms during your treatment but a little plastic tube, but it will still pull a bit if you don’t rest your arm on the side of the chair. The nurse kindly put a towel under my arm for extra comfort and regularly checked to see if I needed anything. She said I might taste metallic in my mouth and feel some cold as the liquid goes in, but I didn’t notice much at all to be honest. It appeared to be very hassle free. All the staff I met during my brief visit were knowledgable and eager to ensure you were comfortable and willing to tell you more about the service if you wished.

So let’s get to the crux of the matter. Did it work? 

Well there definitely wasn’t an obvious or instant change to my mood. Although just the knowledge that I was doing something to attempt to improve myself was uplifting to a degree. I guess in the same way that taking 5 minutes to paint your nails can elevate ones mood. To be honest I kept waiting for the moment where I’d feel like a new woman but it didn’t come. That said I got a full nights sleep, without my usual stirrinsg and trips to the toilet. I also seemed to have a bit more stamina the day after. It usually doesn’t take long before I am hankering for a nap or look like I’m wilting…but I lasted pretty much all day. That’s good for me!

My conclusion is that this would probably be extremely useful if you have the budget it to do it regularly. I am imagine your  levels need to be good for a while to really see and feel the benefits and changes in your body. If I had the money I would definitely consider doing this on a regular basis, particularly knowing how easy and quick it is. In my current financial position I will have to try old school frugal methods instead. 

So if you are in the position where you think you could afford this, but want to know a bit more before taking the plunge, here is a bit more info….

Esther Fieldgrass launched Britain’s first truly comprehensive medical spa almost a decade ago. EF MEDISPA offers a one-stop shop for complementary, aesthetic and surgical treatments.  From its first Kensington clinic, EF MEDISPA has grown into a multi-million pound group, internationally recognised as a brand leader for anti-ageing therapies, preventative health, and the very latest in cosmetic procedures. EF MEDISPA clinics have male and female clients from all walks of life, seeking
state of the art age management and rejuvenation treatments. 

The Drip & Chill® lounge was originally developed by EF MEDISPA’s founder, Esther Fieldgrass, in
conjunction with Dr Wendy Denning (from TV’s Diet Doctors) and behavioural therapist Tej Semani.

Esther describes how she was inspired to create the Drip & Chill® lounge:

“I have been having vitamin infusions for several years, since I realised that this was the most
efficient way to supplement the body’s deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. However, up until now,
having these infusions meant queuing up at a doctor’
s surgery and then sitting in the clinic reading
last month’s Vogue. To be honest it was more like a visit to the dentist and not top of my list of things
to do. So I have changed all that with my Drip n Chill lounge.”

“Firstly, with Dr Denning we developed a range of cocktails for all types of conditions, low energy,
stress, weight issues and general ailments. Then, in line with EF MEDISPA’S philosophy of
convenience and comfort, we moved the treatment from the doctor’s surgery to our medispa

“Finally, we introduced the unique feature of creating a chillax atmosphere whilst having the
infusions. I asked Tej Semani (who the press have coined as the 21st century Deepak Chopra) to write
relaxation programmes for our exclusive Alpha MediPods, so you can relax whilst taking a power nap
or just de-stress. And because I like a bit of pampering, you can also have foot massage whilst you
relax and let the vitamin and mineral infusions do their magic.”

The Drip

A menu of vitamin and mineral infusions, applied through a drip by EF MEDISPA’s experienced nurse,
provides an instant and lasting remedy for a variety of health issues. Conditions benefiting from
these infusions range from the common cold to chronic fatigue. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can
also slow metabolism, one of the principle causes of weight gain. General disability, stress and sleep
problems may all have a root cause in vitamin, mineral and hormonal imbalances which can be
alleviated by infusion treatments.

These cocktails are available at EF MEDISPA’s Drip & Chill® lounge

Treatment Menu 

The Original

A highly functional IV drip, which fights fatigue and improves general immunity by using a cocktail of
Vitamin C, B12-Methylcabalamine, Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 (amongst others)


For anyone feeling de-hydrated, this unique blend of Magnesium and Vitamin C is tailored to meet
your individual requirements for rehydration

Immune Support

When feeling under the weather, the Immune Support carries additional vitamins and acids which
contain antioxidants, Copper, Selenium, Zinc, D-Alpha Lipoic Acid and L-Gluthione which all work to
target different parts of your immune system which results in your body being better equipped to
fight illness


A special blend of vitamins and amino acids which naturally build collagen to refresh and rejuvenate,
including L-Lysine which helps to form collagen and L-Proline which reduces sagging and wrinkling

Athletic Performance

Aiding recovery after energetic sports and work-outs, ensuring the body stays fit, whilst providing
increased energy through a unique combination of Taurine, which maintains a healthy heart and
Arginine which stimulates release of the growth hormone and insulin.

Diet & Detox

Special nutrients, including Glutathione, B12 and Vitamin C act to detox, repair and increase the
body’s metabolism – a helpful supplement to any weight loss programme.

Aches & Pains

To ease localised pain associated with a common variety of complaints, a blend of MSM and
Glucosamine and Sulphate work to repair tendons, cartilage and ligaments, reducing a common
cause of discomfort.

Libido Enhancer

Relaxing blood vessels and increasing blood flow is the process behind artificial libido enhancers like
Viagra. A similar effect can be achieved infusing natural supplements.

Brain Health

Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter involved in the memory function – infusing with a combination of
cholines provides chemicals that the brain uses in cognitive processes. Glycerolphoscholine also
works to improve memory, attention span and cognitive functions.

Mood Support

Serotonin is a neural transmitter generally considered to improve mood – a combination of vitamins,
minerals and amino acids can boost natural Serotonin levels, to help reduce stress and anxiety. B6-
Pyridoxine produces energy, can help fight depression, dementia, acne and asthma.

*All treatments available contain base ingredients of Magnesium, Vitamin C and 0.9% Saline Solution


Whilst your vitamin and mineral infusion is gradually being absorbed, you will experience your
relaxation therapy which consists of:

The Alpha MediPod, a 21st century auto-cue for meditation which assists with sleep, depression and

The Alpha MediPod has been programmed exclusively for EF MEDISPA by cognitive therapist
Tej Semani who is also available for personal consultations.

There is a choice of the following MediPod programmes:

Power nap – puts you into a deep state of rest for 15-30 minutes, then wakes you up feeling
energized and refreshed.

Light relaxation therapy – eases away unwanted tension as your mind drifts away into your peaceful,
relaxation zone.

Deep relaxation therapy – reduces stress and tension, increasing your day-to-day productivity and


The cost for the Drip & Chill® is £225 per session (a course of six treatments includes the last
treatment free).

So, If you want to re-charge your batteries, fight infection, or boost your energy

levels, whilst relaxing with a foot massage or relaxation therapy, book a 30
minute session with EF MEDISPA’s aesthetics nurse in its exclusive Drip &
Chill® lounge. Drip & ChillTM by EF MEDISPA will have an exclusive menu of
intravenous vitamin therapies.

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