I have always been a fan of the brand Motel Rocks, because although they are guided by trends and what’s popular among young (and young-ish) ladies, there are always regular nods to slightly edgier fashion throughout their collections. I feel there will always be something on their site to ignite interest in the tougher and darker side of my fashion personality. 

A few months back now I got an email from the team regarding one of their other amazing collabs (with print designer Rhianna Ellington), but within it they revealed their upcoming collection with Grace, and asked whether I’d like to come and preview the collection when displayed within the Motel Rocks stand at London Edge Tradeshow. I think it’s so important to support friends and acquaintences where possible, and I’m particularly keen to support endeavors within the creative sector, knowing very well how hard it can be to get these opportunities. 

The Motel Rocks team had seen the series of interviews I’d filmed with Grace so knew this particular creative partnership would be extremely interesting to me. 

Watch one of my videos to get to know Grace a bit more….

Sadly the launch event (see above) took place on my birthday so I was unable to go, but from the pictures I’ve seen online it looked like a great event. Despite missing out on the occasion I wanted to celebrate the launch on the blog, so thought I’d show you one of the pieces via an outfit post. 

So if you haven’t watched the video yet (or can’t be arsed) then I’ll breifly inform you about the unique person that is Grace Neutral. She is a hand poke tattoo artist ( which she explains in this video – She often works out of Cheshire Street’s KIDS LOVE INK, but she regularly travels to tattoo in other studios in the UK and Europe. From stalking her instagram profile I see she’s been decorating the skin of clients in Leeds most recently. Now, while we are on the subject of Instagram, her incredible artwork, looks and lifestyle have helped her amass an incredible 273k followers. Aside from being impressed by her talent for tattooing and creating designs (she also sells products featuring her artwork), they are intigued and fascinated by her looks – an aesthetic described in ID as alien Princess. With her tattooed eyes, split tongue, pixie etars and lack of belly button (unlike Taylor Swift, Grace actually doesn’t have one anymore) and more, she is someone that draws a lot of attention. After chatting with Grace though I realize it isn’t really about that – it’s about being who you want to be, and getting to a place where you feel truly yourself, and most comfortable in your own skin (decorated/scarred or blank).  Watch the video below to find out more about her modifications…..

I could go on and on about Grace and her approach to life, having spent over an hour of time chatting to her and really feeling like I understood and even envied her regreshing mindset. I must get on to the subject of today’s post and that is the new collection for Motel Rocks. 

I opted for the Fonda Halter and Kimmy Body Con skirt from the collection. I figured separates would allow for so many different ensembles. I could either go for a complete look, or mix and match with other items in my wardrobe. As someone with a larger bust a halter neck is always a handily uplifting option too, particularly in this sort of clingy stretchy material.  You can see from all the designs below they are obviously, and quite rightly, linked directly to her monochrome tattoo designs and artwork. What’s particuarly great about this collection is how they have catered to so many different style preferences and body shapes. The Kora Tee Dress and the Metti Slip Dress have that more overszied feel to them, slouchy and forgiving, and cooly efforless. Then there is the Khaira Body Con dress (worn beautifully by Zoe London in her recent post) for those not scared ofbearing a bit of flesh and nodding knowingly to the 90’s!  There’s also some fantastic statment leggings, which would look fabulous worn alongside your favourite slouchy winter knit. So whatever you’re into take a gander at the collection as I’m sure you’ll find something you’re into.

 So, how did I style my look?

I wore with my chunky Zara boots, and dark plum link and hair that had been given texture via salt spray. I added some further interest to my messied hair with some Regal Rose Hair Clickers. You can see the tutorial for that look on my channel now. Note how I try to maintain a moody look for this photo set – it wasn’t hard if I’m honest…it was raining and I was in a particularly grumpy mood. Sorry for once again shooting in my garden, but the photos were again taken by me just using the timer on my camera, so creativity was limited!! Due to the fact I stook in the rain freezing my un-bra’d titties off to take these pictures I’m going to post them all so it feels worth the effort!!

Do you like this edgy look? What will you buy from the collection?

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