I am having a bloomin’ awful week if I’m honest with you guys. I’ve been ill in bed since last Friday, and going a bit mad with the lack of activity, blogging and interaction. It’s funny how when certain things increase, like temperatures, trips to the toilet, coughing fits and snot levels, that in turn the things you enjoy, like eating, writing, laughing, reduce. My cough is still keep me up all day, and I’m feeling too weak and wobbly to venture out of the house, although the dismal weather is doing nothing to coax me out either. 

I do however have a bit of energy in my witchy fingers today, so I thought I’d blog about a delivery that raised a smile last week, prior to this current bout of lurgy. 

I received a lovely and generous package from Charlotte at SAYWHATYOUC including this locket and a clutch bag so beautiful it deserves a blog post all to itself! You’ll want to hug me for introducing you to this brand, they have so many beautiful accessories – necklaces, earrings, clutch bags, key rings, bracelets and more. 

I’ve always had a thing for lockets. Out of all the familey heirlooms, my grandmothers gold lockets were what I really wanted to keep hold of and treasue for life (or pass down to my currently ficticious offspring). I adore the concept of a piece of jewellery being able to be a vessel for something that’s important to you, whether it be a lock of hair, a photograph, or any random object that symbolises something cherishes by you. The fact that the locket hangs or rests on your heart makes the gesture of wearing one all the more meaningful. 

Okay, I know that’s all a bit mushy but I’m an old romantic fool. Some of you will simply want to buy and wear a locket because it’s pretty or cool, and you should look no further than these contemporary ones in gold and silver from SWYC.

Christmas is scarily close now, so I presume/hope some of you are at least thinking about your gift buying. Due to some blog work I have been annoyingly and uncharacteristically organised on this front (see previous day’s post), sorry to be nauseating.

 I always think that anything personalised is a good way to go, the time taken to customise or tailor-make something shows you care and ups the ‘special’ factor of the pressie. Everyone enjoys the idea of having something unique to them too. With these lockets you can have up to 8 letters – so if it fits in with the restriction you could personalise with their name or nickname or even a word that means something in your relationship. If they are struggling or under stress perhaps a message or a helpful reminder might be a thoughtful thing to do….’Breathe’ or ‘Relax’ might be an apt message encased for my friends with children or in high pressured jobs. The letters inside are jewelled and add some sparkle to the otherwise sleek and simple design. They are kept safe thanks to the pleasingly secure magnetic door.

I love anything monogrammed at the moment – leather organisers, handbags…and even my hot chocolate mug – so I went for a silver locket with my name in it. However, after the events of the weekend I am thinking a locket with Peace inside would be something I’d like to wear proudly.

If you like the idea of these personalised gifts make sure you also check out their tote bags, Alphabet necklaces, and Bar necklaces. I had a bit of a stalk on Charlotte’s instagram yesterday and fell hard for some upcoming products. How incredible are these bracelets!? They are definitely going to be my next treat…unless any of my loved ones reading want to keep an eye out for their launch date.
What do you think guys? Will one of these lockets be wrapped up for a loved one or do you deserve an end of year reward?

Keep you eyes peeled for my next post on this recently discovered brand….the multicoloured clutch bag of dreams…


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