I’m currently waiting for someone to turn up at my house to go out for a walk….story of my life. Rather than get frustrated while hovering by the door I thought I put up a quick blog post. My blogger pal TinyTwisst recently did a frosty eyed tutorial on her channel and it inspired me to go for an icy silvery look too. 

I don’t tend to gravitate towards blues, silvers or shimmery whites for numerous reason….

When I was a in my early teens and didn’t own any of my own make up, I’d sneak into my parents bathroom and dip my finger in any of my mums make up I could find in the cabinet. She has blue eyes, so it all tended to be silvers and blues shadows, and frosty pale pink lipsticks. At that age you don’t really know about being subtle, or the art of blending, so I used to go out looking like I’d literally just dipped my whole face in a make up bag and just hoped for the best. I looked like a clown frankly…and one of the scary variety. 

Looking back on pictures of the era convinced me for many years that these shade weren’t suited to my and my brown eyes. 

I have also worried that going for paler looks enhances my tiredness. I always thought my face needed more definition, because I looked washed out or wanted to distract from my dark cirles/wrinkle/sallowness. 

Anyway, as I said before, I saw the look on Laura aka TinyTwisst and thought, what the hell, let’s give this season appropriate look a whirl. What have a got to lose eh?

So I started off with my usual base regime of Seventeens primer and Clinique’s Anti Blemish foundation. My skin isn’t too bad right now actually, but as these high res pictures tell you, I have quite visible pores and holes created from years of spot squeezing and picking.

To create a subtle contour I turned to my beloved Benefit Hoola. I love using the brush that comes with it, it’s perfect for creating that sharp line under and on the cheekbone. 

On my cheeks I used the highligher and the ligher blush colour from Collection’s BlushandGlow quartet (one of my fave products of the year). 

I used Rimmel’s EXTRA 3D lash, which is a new discovery, and actually my winner of best affordable mascara of the year award. I decided not to curl my lashes because sometimes I like to relaxed look of them facing down – weird I know, but each to their own eh? When I started taking the pictures I realised the look could have been given extra oomph if I had opted for my electric blue mascara instead…so if you are looking to try this, why not give that a go and let me know what you thnk.

For shadow I tured to be URBAN DECAY Palettes. I first used Armour from the Smoky Palette, then a bit of Verve from NAKED 2, then a bit of Pistol on the crease line. To open the eye up a bit more I dabbed High from Smoky Palette in the inner corners. Then did some blending with a fluffy brush.

 Once I was happy with shadow look I lined my top lid with L’oreals Super Liner. In hindsight a gel liner would have been better. Whenever you use shimmery shadows it tends to interfere with the effectiveness of a liner. Some of the particles get in it, and it appears less dark and dramatic, or requires a few layers.

While I like a nude lipstick, I rarely go pale. It’s even more rare for me to go for a gloss these days. 

When you’re at school it’s all about sweet smelling balms and glittery glosses….lipsticks were always just for mums! Now, it’s very rare to reach for a gloss….thanks in part to Kylie Jenner glamzonians and those who opt for matt grungey looks.

As I was going for a look completely out of my adult comfort zone, I sought out an old gloss, one I haven’t used for years, if at all. I found a shimmery pale Estee Lauder Gloss, which over my concealer tainted lips created a shimmery pale nude colour. 

Sorry this is a super quick post, I’m fully aware that my application and the pictures aren’t particularly good…But, what do you think? Can brown eyed girls wear these silvery, ice tones? Should it be left to blue eyed females?

 Ugh…I have to be honest with you guys. About 5 minutes after posting the initial pictures and looking at over the blog,  I wasn’t happy…I just didn’t feel like me.

So on went the black liner….apparently I’m a bit stuck in my ways.

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