You’ll see evidence of recent stress via the images in this post. A few weeks ago I was feeling rather chuffed about how long my nails were getting. I was feeling quite the lady with my lengthy glossed up nails, and I was using every opportunity to point at things and strum hard surfaces. Then came a few weeks of worrying and numerous unglamorous activities, and I was back to stubs…apart from the little finger on my right hand, which I am refusing to trim! 

Between mid meltdown nibbles and accidental breakages when opening packaging (why do they make it so difficult to get into anything in 2015?) my nails were in a pretty pathetic state.

It’s amazing how much a nail can effect the overall look of a hand. When my nails were resplendent my fingers looked artistsic – long, lean and elegant. They’ll never be as beautiful as Lana Del Rays, but for my standards they were looking okay, apart from my plumped up veins. When I look at them now, sans varnish, I can’t help but think they look rather stumpy and unfeminine. They were in desperate need of a pick me up, but even more so to be up to scratch for Christmas party season.

I was drawn to Nails Inc because of the bottles….shallow I know, but they’re just so aesthetically pleasing. I’ve started to organise my room lately, buying transparent display boxes for all my beauty bits and bobs, so where possible I’ll always opt for products that will benefit the look of my newly tidied beauty area. 

I had just bought an oxblood coloured dress from ASOS for a wedding (which took place this weekend) so I wanted a shade that would compliment it’s wintery hue. Their High Street Kensington polish was the perfect match. This particular one was from their Gel Effect range and gives a stunning professional glossed finish. Beautiful as it is on it’s own, I wanted to have a bit more fun for once. I tend to be a bit conservative and old before my time (so my boyf says,) so I thought I’d jazz it up with a bit of glitter.

After letting a couple of coats of the red polish dry, I turned to their Snowglobe polsih to add the desired element of sparkle. It’s important you follow the instructions ‘SHAKE ME TO PAINT ME’ otherwise you will be painting over your colour with clear polish, and none of gold. It’s all in the name really….


Kensington High Street Gel effect Nail polish 


New Globe Walk Snow Globe Nail polish

Limited edition Nail polish 14ml



The dress I was wearing had a high neckline, with a laced back keeping it a tad young. Wanting to let the back detail be the main feature I decided to go minimal with accessories, totally omitting jewellery from my ensemble. This meant that my beauty decisions were integral in adding some glamour, oomph and texture to my look.

I didn’t want to be too matchy-matchy with my nails and dress syncing perfectly, so the addition of the glitter layers was the perfect solution. My nails did end up getting a few compliments on the day, which was lovely. However, should I be worried they chose to comment on my nails over anything else?

I am currently writing this while torturing my frazzled brain watching Only Connect. As I see my fingers tap the keyboard I notice that all my nails are in tact, not a scuff or chip in sight. That’s four days of wear – This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


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