So it’s just after 8pm on New Years Eve. I’ve just demolished a family bucket of KFC (with help from others of course), and I’m lounging in my fleecey PJ’s nursing a very bloated tum, while watching TFI Friday. Tonight myself and Simon have decided to stay in and have a quiet night in with his mum. We had some party options with friends, but when we found out Si’s mum had taken the night off work and would be spending it on her own, we knew what we had to do…and we were more than happy to do so. She works so very hard, and often works those night when she should really be relaxing at home or enjoying the day. Even getting her to pick what takeaway we’d have was a difficult task, because she’s not someone used to just doing/having what she wants. Tonight Si and me were adament we’d at least make sure she had her ideal food in front her, even if it took a certain amount of trickery to get her to admit to it. 

She’d hate me writing about her too. So I’ll keep it brief from here on. She’s a wonderful, sweet lady, and I’m so glad we are around to see in the new year with her. 

I hope you guys reading this are either getting ready to go out with some people you love, or reflecting on the night before and feeling happy with how you spent your last few hours of 2015. If it was a disaster, or a bit of a wet fish of a night, then don’t worry, it really is just another day. 

Although January is also just another day, if you need that boost to make those much needed changes, I hope you use this start of a new year to shift into that new gear. Before I get too philisophical or mushy, I must focus and get to the point of this post, which is the outfit. 

At the last minute I had to pack for a couple of days at Si’s mums so I bunged a few things into a rucksack, not really thinking about how they would work as outfits, and how practicial they’d be for all possible things we could end up doing. 

As you guys will well know, the wind has been howling and the rain has been causing that unfortunate halo of frizz around our heads. However this afternoon we saw a glimmer of yellow ocre gleam through the clouds. We knew we had to make the most of it, with how things are going, it might be a while till we can enjoy a pleasant winter’s day. 

It looked relatively mild, so I was less worried about the fact I would have to wear a VERY short suede Motel Rocks skirt for our walk at Burnham Beeches. I also decided to borrow a t-shirt from Si’s merch draw, thinking I’d get a bit too sweaty in my black polo neck. Of course I was wrong…..As soon as we stepped out of the car we felt that bitter chill on our faces and we instantly regretted our foolish weather optimism. I was also a bit gutted that I decided to wear my black suede Aldo boots, that I still haven’t got round to spraying with protective spray. The only saving grace, the one thing that made me appear like a mature women who knows how to dress for a winter’s walk, was my fave Zara Beanie (which I bought from the Mens section)which has the perfect amount of slouch to it.

I hadn’t planned on doing an outfit post, but the place looked so pretty I thought I might as well. I so wish I had found the time/bother to wash/brush my hair though. 

As well as enjoying the scenery during our walk, there was also a constant stream of beautiful puppies. So many people were enjoying some of their first walks with their new Christmas animals (in some very cute jumpers and fleeceys)….lucky buggers! We didn’t get to snuggle as many as we’d like…we do worry that we look like right weirdos with the way we coo around stranger’s pups, but we did get to meet a tiny spaniel puppy called Ronnie, who was an absolute heartbreaker. We also saw Anton from Strictly Come Dancing with his cute little daschund. I resisted the temptation to get a selfie…play it cool Soph, play it cool!

What do you think of my randomly put together outfit? I know it’s completely unfitting for a walk but that’s what living out of a rucksack does for a woman’s style….







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