Hand Poked Tattoo artist Grace Neutral has
amassed an Instagram following of over nearly 280k, her creative talents
and unique beauty fascinating people the world over. An inspiration to
many, her personal style has become one fans wish to emulate. It made
sense that she combined her artistic flair and innate style to create
clothing. In her latest fashion venture she’s teamed up with Motel Rocks
for one of their DESIGNER COLLECTIVE ranges.  I found out a bit more about how music influences
her life and work for a post on Ticketmaster.

First up, can you tell us a bit about your collection with Motel Rocks?

have been wearing Motel Rocks for years and know some of the girls
well, and through tattooing one of Motels top girls we naturally came to
the conclusion we should do a collab together. The design process was
easy and very enjoyable. I hung out with the Motel Rocks girls and we
went through all the different pieces Motel had to offer. When we had
all the pieces we liked I designed a pattern to go on the garments.

Music, art and fashion often collide and interact. How important is music to your own creativity and the work you create?

is a massive part of my day/life.I find it a really integral part of
the designing process. I love how you can find any type of music to fit
your mood or energy. Music is like a drug to me, I get hooked on things
badly (my friends will tell you I drive them crazy with repeating the
same song over and over. I love it and need it if I’m going to create
anything, or just function for that matter. I have a really eclectic
taste in music, I enjoy everything from Ravi Shankar’s Chants of India
to the Trap with a bit of Disney thrown in for good measure 🙂

Can you think of some artwork of yours that has been directly inspired by music?

lot of the patterns I draw come come from a deep well in my soul, and I
don’t think I could of fully awaken my creative potential without the
aid of music.

How has your personal music taste evolved over the years, and what do you think are the cause of these changes?

think over the past 10 years my music taste has always gone in weird
and wonderful directions, but I have always been able to appreciate all
different genres of music. Maybe in the last couple years I have been
getting more in to Trap, but I think that mainly stems from having
friends in the music industry who makes this music. I was able to get an
inside look at these music creatives and I liked it!

How much do you think musicians are influencing the tattoo community today?

think because musicians are creatives there more susceptible to things
like tattoos and body mods because of the freedom of expression involved
in it. Also, they live a lifestyle where there not tired down by
corporate dress codes so it was only natural that a lot of musicians out
there today want to embellish themselves in tattoos.

you were growing up were there any bands or artists that informed your
style that perhaps made you want to buy certain things or look a certain

Yeah of course, I loved Jessicka Addams from Jack Off
Jill and Marilyn Manson as a teenage goth. So I wanted to create a look
as a kid that embodied them both.

Who are your current musical style icons?

Cocorosie, Grimes, Bjork.

Favourtie music video of all time in terms of it’s aesthetic?


you could choose any musical artist to wear something from your
collection with Motel Rocks who would you pick? Did you have any in mind
when you going through the design process?

I didn’t have anyone in mind when I was designing the Motel line, but I do think Twigs would look amazing in some of the pieces.

Most recently played on your iPod/Stereo?

Vassh – Don’t You See

What is your album/song of the year?

Spooky Black – Leaving

Best gig or musical event you’ve ever been to?

I can’t possibly answer that, there has been so many, but every Cocorosie gig I have ever been to probably!

One musical artist you would recommend everyone listen to?


Any future fashion products or collaborations in the pipeline?

Yes, but I can’t say! I don’t wanna jinx anything 🙂

You favourite items from the Motel Rocks Collection?

It has to be the Kimono!

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