I’m sure no one even cares that I’m not getting involved in this year’s Vlogmas festivities, but I thought I’d explain my reasons for opting out this year. It is a shame, because I actually enjoyed it last year, but it just comes at a bad time.

So last year I completed Vlogmas, and I think I did even more than 25 videos in the end.

That’s half the problem. I’m a workaholic and extremely stubborn, so if I have a challenge or something I’ve committed to I will finish it, but that’s not always a positive. Sometimes things happen in life you don’t want or expect – the curveballs, hiccups, tragedies, slumps, turmoils – and sometimes it is wholly necessary to completely change your life path or simply adapt your daily schedule on a temporary basis. Undoubtedly events will occur over the next few weeks, ones which will make shake up my priorities, and quite rightly put stress on other areas of my life. If I was doing Vlogmas, knowing my work ethic I would want to rigidly stick to my video schedule,  and therefore wouldn’t have time/energy to concentrate on the things/people/stresses I should be dedicating more of myself to.

Why put this extra pressure on myself, and risk the wellbeing of other aspects of my life during this tricky festive period?

You may wonder why I predict an event will happen over Christmas. We have memory and history for a reason. It is there to teach us things, to learn from, and from my experience these months are often filled with sadness and stress. I will go into this is in another post….but I want to ensure I am there for others and not worrying about upload times and letting Vlogmas viewers down.

From last year’s Vlogmas

I’m also aware that I haven’t got the work/life balance right this year, and there really hasn’t been enough socialising and having quality time with friends. I kicked off the year great on this front, but like most resolution type plans it fizzled out when the usual strains and tussles came in to play.

Christmas tends to be the one time of the year where I get a few solid night of laughs and catch ups with my besties and I want to make the most of it. They have enjoyed the personal videos I’ve made of our fun night’s together over the years, ones that we watch back and giggle/dispair at our unified stupidity and terrible dancing. However, they don’t necessarily want these moments to be watched by strangers on YouTube. These evengings are private and things are done and said in an environment they feel completely relaxed in, and with the people that allow them to be their true selves. Just because I am comfortable to share most parts of my life online, however embarrassing, it doesn’t mean my friends are. Don’t get my wrong my lovely mates will appear every now and then, but I don’t want to feel I should/need to be capturing all of these moments for Vlogmas purposes. I’d actually like to enjoy the moment and live in the now. As a vlogger it’s hard to remember to do that sometimes!

From last year’s Vlogmas

I know some of you will be shouting at the screen saying that there is no pressure to deliver Vlogmas videos, just do what you can, when you can. I know most subscribers are understanding and wouldn’t mind if a few days were missed, or if some of the videos lacked Christmas spirit. However, I know myself very well, and know I’d push myself to the point of breaking to ensure I got a video up everyday. I hate to fail, and constantly beat myself up about not being good enough. This is all self awareness really…a preventative step.

A video from last year’s Vlogmas

I am actually doing you a favour too because I am a bit of a scrooge about Christmas. I don’t feel like my video’s would necessarily bring you much Christmas cheer. My absense will go unnoticed because YouTube is awash with hardworking creative souls willing to work their socks off over the festive period.

I’ve been watching some fab vids by out ZoeLondon, Lily Melrose, Tanya Burr, Zoella, and In the Frow’s Fromas. Make sure you check out some of the smaller YouTubers too who are working hard to put out this daily content too. Send me any reccommendations you have!

So I’ll probably be uploading lots of videos over the next few weeks (frustratingly, probably enough to say I’ve completed Vlogmas) but I will do so without the pressure and grind that Vlogmas brings to me and my workhorse self. Man, sometimes I really wish I was lazy!

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