I won’t assume any of you guys are subscribers to my channel, so I’ll just bring you up to speed. I’ve started a series looking into 90’s fashion and the style icons of the era. My first episode looks backed at Courtney Love, concentrating on her persuasion for underwear as outerwear. The second episode looks at a young Liv Tyler and her style in Empire Records, Stealing Beauty and Aermosmiths Crazy video.

When researching for this video, one look that kept recurring was this cutesy pink and white ensemble. I don’t know what it was for, but it well and truly screamed the 90’s. It was also one of the looks I found that was easy to recreate with clothes that can be found today, so I embarked on recreating it.

It has that very 90’s think of looking childlike and innocent. Liv’s poses during the shoot mirror this…..the wonky leg position and almost knocking of knees. The feet pointing in. The sucking of the thumb. It’s actually a bit dodgy when you think about it…

It was a freezing cold day when I decided to recreate this look. I was stood with bare legs in a car park in 0 degrees, and questioning my life. I thought it would be a fairly speedy activity, which was foolish considering my mum was on camera duties. She wears bi focals so finds it impossible to see if the shots are in focus (most weren’t). She also hasn’t got to grips with the concept of touch screen, so every minute or so she’d have a panic as something started to flash on the screen. We thought we’d wrapped the video segment of the shoot. But when checking the footage she’d filmed it all in portrait…..I will admit to letting stress and cold get to me a bit and getting quite frustrated with her . It’s hard to remember that all this technology is alien to your parents, and that actually they don’t have to help you at all, so you should just be grateful even if it is a painful experience. I can really see why bloggers go out with photographers or fellow vloggers. The experience also reminded me why I don’t do blogging photos in public. So many judgemental looks from people, and you just want to explain. My big fear is that they think I’m a deluded person taking amaetur pictures for a modelling portfolio or something. I don’t want them thinking I actually believe I look good in this get up!

So, as you can see I didn’t nail the poses….but they’re close enough to get the idea.

So where did I get the outfit from….

American Apparel Skirt

American Apparel T-shirt

Public Desire Shoes

Mum’s Socks 

Claire Accessories necklace

I had such a chill after this shoot that I had to heat up my Bagpuss and cuddles him in bed for a couple of shivering hours. For that reason, I’m going to post all the photos so it feels like it was a worthwhile exercise. This blogging malarky definitely isn’t all that glamorous.

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