BLOGGER INTERVIEW: Rachel and Lauren from The Flower That Blooms

I’m not really immersed in the blogger community. I don’t tend to find energy/time for many blogger events, or hashtagged online chats, and all of my close friends have been sensible enough to opt for stable careers. Sometimes it can feel a bit lonely out here in my bedroom in Surrey typing/filming the daytime away on my own. I thought a good way of potentially meet new blogging friends could be via collaborations. I put out a tweet about YouTube collaborating initially, but the bulk of the positvie responses came from willing bloggers. I wasn’t rigid with my plan so replied back to one of the tweets. A few emails later we decided to interview eachother and post the results on our blogs. So while being able to communicate and find out a bit more about some fellow bloggers, we have been able to create content that will hopefully spread the word about the work we do. It should be a supportive community and we should be showcasing the work of those we like, respect or admire, and hopefully put them on the radar of least one more person. I can’t pretend that I have hearty influence or a vast dedicated readership, but I hope people will read this interview and go and click their blog link as a result.

So….Meet Lauren and Rachel, the sisters (and power duo) behind beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog The Flower That Blooms. Social media can be a cruel beast at times, but sometimes it leads you to discovering some rather lovely humans. These gals are so encouraging, positive and kind towards other bloggers I wanted to introduce them to any of my readers who are yet to follow the girls and fall for their charms. (Every tweet I’ve had from them has turned my frown upside down, and it shouldn’t go unnoticed!)

Their blog is awash with wonderful reviews, hauls, personal favourites with insights into their goals, aspirations and hobbies. The self confessed Disney lovers, Lushies and music lovers keep it real with their posts, an aspect I seek out in the blogs I chose to read. Enough of me talking, I’ll let the girls fill you in on the rest…

What made you want to start a blog?
us, we’d always loved the idea of blogging. It seemed like fun sharing
your views/opinions on stuff you bought whilst making friends with
others! We also love writing so we thought blogging would be the perfect
opportunity to do this!

Why did you decide to do it together? 

sisters and we work together, live together and now blog together. We
weren’t confident to do it individually so it just made sense to create a
blog together, something we can look back on in years to come and
think, “yeah we created that together”!


I imagine it’s not always easy, do you occasionally have different opinions on how or what to blog? 

Sometimes we disagree on small things but we always manage to work around it in the end so it’s fair for both of us.

When you started out what did you want your blog to be?
always said we did’t want our blog to have a set genre and we’ve stuck
to that! We just blog about anything we find interesting or want to show

When you’re not blogging what are you doing?
Lauren: I’m
currently studying Sport at University so that takes up a lot of my
time. When I’m not blogging or swamped with University work and I work
part time in a kids store! Nothing exciting unfortunately!

Rachel: I study media at college but when I’m not there or at work I try to find time for my photography or just spend time with family.

What do your loved ones think about your blogging?
think they all find it quite cool. Our mum is especially interested and
supportive of our blog and sometimes she goes on there! Sometimes when
we’re out shopping she’ll be like “oh girls this would be good for you
to use in a blog post photo!”, it’s cute because we know she’s trying to
help us and give us ideas.

do you think you both bring to the blog. One of you the organised one,
another the creative one. One of you sensible, another one silly for

Lauren: It’s
hard to say because we are both similar personality wise. We both have
to be organised and write lists for what blog posts need to be written
what photos need to be taken etc.  I take particular interest in the
social media side of things though and love taking part in Twitter chats
whenever possible. 

Rachel: As
Lauren says, we’re both pretty organised! Lauren’s particularly good
with social media though and I’m more of the quiet one who takes all the
blog pictures! As I want a career in photography I feel like it helps
me out and gives me lots of practice.

What blogs do you enjoy? What usually leads you to enjoying a blog?

reviews on beauty products but we both love a good fashion post! At the
moment we’re trying to go completely cruelty free with our cosmetics,
so cruelty free beauty reviews are really helpful and help us know what
brands we can go for!

Describe the environment when you are writing your blogs. Do you have music on, the tv playing, snacks nearby…?
write the majority of our posts in Lauren’s room as it’s a little
bigger than Rachel’s. We usually have our PJs on, some snacks (usually
bacon rashers!!) and music that we enjoy and that motivates us. Music
can be a little distracting though as we find ourselves focusing on our
singing rather than writing!

people enjoying blogging as a part time hobby, but others want it to be
a full time career that grows and grows? What are you goals and dreams
when it comes to the blog? 

Lauren: I’m not sure that
I’d ever want blogging to be a full time career, especially because I’m
working so hard to get my degree, my ambitions are to be teacher. That
being said whatever happens, happens! As long as I’m happy and we
continue to work and talk to more people that’ll do for me!

Rachel:  At the moment it’s just a hobby but anything could happen! I kind of just go wherever life takes me as cingey as that sounds!

What do you find are the most difficult sides to blogging? 

Lauren: Finding
time to actually blog. At the moment I have an exam coming up and in
the run up to Christmas I was so focused on University, I couldn’t spend
much time focusing on the blog.
Rachel: Again, finding the
time. I’m always so busy. Another thing is lighting issues! By the time I
get home from college/work it’s so dark, meaning I rarely have time to
take blog pictures. It makes it hard for us to have regular content up
on our blog.

Where do you get your ideas?

ideas can come straight off the top of our heads or we get lots of
inspiration from other bloggers. It really depends what stuff we’ve
bought or what’s going on in our lives!

Do you find it hard coming up with original content?
we get stuck on what things to write but so far we’ve found that
something always comes up! It is hard to make sure that the topic area
is original but you have to remember it’s more about the way you write
it and trying to bring your own personal touch to it.

and more we are seeing blogs become these super glossy sites that rival
the large magazine. Is this a good thing, or are blogs losing their
original charm in your opinion? 

For us blogs are more
‘real’ than magazines. You know with a blog that the views are coming
from a real person, whereas magazine articles can be
more exaggerated and biased. Then on the other hand, even some bloggers
can lie about their views on products. We just think that blogs and
magazines are still quite different and therefore we struggle to compare
them. We will always enjoy reading both though! 

I don’t know if this is something you’ve had to deal with…but trolls/negative comments….how do you cope with it? 
terms of blogging we thankfully haven’t had to deal with any negativity
yet. Hopefully we won’t encounter any nastiness but who knows? We have
found our experience of being in the blogging community a positive one
and the majority of comments/tweets are likely to be positive anyway!
Don’t let the thought of trolls put you off of starting a blog!

lot of bloggers are concentrating on YouTube these days. Will you ever
make that crossover do you think? If not, what puts you off?

Lauren: Being
a blogger is completely different to Youtube. We can kind of hide
behind our blog, yeah we do fashion posts but our face isn’t always on
our blog. With Youtube you’re kind of more exposed I guess, I’m not sure
I’d like that feeling.
Rachel: I think YouTube would be fun
but first we’d want to make sure we had all the right equipment and
editing software! The only thing putting me off is how my voice sounds
on camera!

Who are your style icons? How do your styles differ?
Hayley Williams, she could wear a bin bag and still look flawless. Lynn from PVRIS is pretty cool too, her style is effortless. 

You love your music and going to gigs? What were your favourites of last year? What have you got planned for this year?
favourite gig from last year has to be the first time we saw Young
Guns. After years of hoping to see them we were lucky enough to see them
twice, but seeing them in Colchester last March was an amazing
experience! Now we’re not guna lie to you Sophie, we met Simon too which
was pretty cool and made the whole experience that much better for us!
So far we don’t have anything planned for this year but hopefully
something will come up soon!

Who do you tip for big things this coming year?

wise, we think Sunset Sons will keep getting even bigger and move onto
even bigger things. Their music is very unique versatile. 

What has blogging given you?

Lauren: For
me, blogging has given me a little more confidence especially when it
comes to going to events. It has also given us the opportunity to work
with some amazing companies and talk to some amazing people. There’s
nothing I love more than chatting to other bloggers, sometimes I’d
rather talk to my blogging friends than real life friends as bad as that
sounds. Blogging has also boosted my creativity too and bought Rachel
and myself even closer together! 

Rachel: I’m
quite an anxious person but I feel that blogging has helped me a little
bit. I’m not as anxious when it comes to meeting new bloggers now! It’s
also given me a reason to practice my photography a lot more!

Make sure you go and check out the girls and their lovely blog now!

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