So yesterday I filmed a video focusing on eye looks incorporating green liner. Actually I made the video twice, after my computer decided to serve up a massive portion of fail. After a late night of rehashing the video, I’ve woken up with green stained eye lids which are exrtemely sore to the touch. Suffering for my art you could say!

Considering the massive ball ache making the video was, I’m really hoping you’ll go and watch me create the looks in movie format. However I’ll be posting about the various looks here too, for those that find my voice grating or my face in movement a wee bit smarmy. 

So this look reminds me  of an exotic bird’s feather…purple, aqua marine with an irridescant feel thanks to the addition of the gold shimmer. 

1. Brush a plummy purple across the entire lid and above the crease. Don’t worry if it’s a bit messy because we can sort that out later.
I used the warmest purple from my beauty uk posh palette .

 2. Next, go to a dark shade of purple and add depth to the eye crease.

3. Blend with a fluffy brush

4. Use a green liner like this one by Lancome (it has a lovely metallic finish to it) and colour in the lid. Let that dry.

 5. To create that irridescant feel you might see on a kingfisher or peacock go to the NAKED 2 Palette by Urban Decay and the pigmented gold colour, Half Baked. 

6. To add drama and impact add black pencil to your waterline. Add mascara as per usual!

This look was about the eyes so I just had a nude lips and pretty understated skin. If you wanted to amp it up, a striking flahsh of highligher and some lashes would work a treat. If you feel bare without colour on your lips a plum tone or red that veeres towards to purple end of spectrum would be reccommended. 

What do you think of this look? I personally don’t think my face can handle this much slap, but I think the colour combo would look fab on others. Let me know if you try it! 

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