Labyrinth Make Up Tutorial

Let’s get something out the way. If you’ve never watched Labyrinth, you really need to stop whatever you’re doing and rectify this at once. It was only because of David’s tragic passing that I discovered so many people in my life that are yet to experience the glory that exists in a viewing of the cult classic.Not only are the songs amazing, the Jim Henson puppets are all kinds or adorable, and Bowie’s character…well, he got me feeling all kinds of peculiar as a child. 

He had that weird combination of being scary and evil, but also being hot and attractive….combine that with his androgynous style….well I was a bit confused, but I liked it. 

I can’t believe it’s only now that I’ve gotten round to fiming this tutorial, but now does seem a paericularly good time to keep on reminding people of his fabulous performance in this film (and his equally fabulous make up look).

So I won’t outline how to create this look in this post, because I’d like you to set aside 6 mins to watched the transformation on my channel….

So with the power of voodoo, I urge you to press that big red play button….Otherwise you’ll find yourself in the bog of etermal stench.

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