Sorry I’ve been a bit lax on here of late. I’ve been beavering away like mad on ze olde YouTube. While I’m feeling well enough to film I’m making the most of it and going full throttle. I know that my blog is here on those days where bed is the only location I can be, so it will be attended to in the near future. Even when my limbs feel like they’re full of bees or so weak and puney they’d be unable to pick up a wafer, I can just about handle typing my keyboard. 

So, for those that follow my blog, and are yet to subscribe to my channel, I thought I’d alert you to one of my recent videos, as I haven’t tackled the subject on my blog in text form.

It would be fab if you could take the time to watch my year squashed into ten minutes. This was the trickiest edit of the year – it took two solid days of looking through hard drives and praying my mac didn’t burn into flames. How on earth do you decide what makes the cut in terms of capturing what your year was about, and who helped to make it so? I’m so sad that I couldn’t feature even half of the people that contributed to my rollercoaster year, but it was simply impossible. 

Whatever it’s lacking I hope you find some enjoyement in following my 2015 Journey. 

It was emotional. 

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  1. January 22, 2016 / 3:12 am

    Hello Sophie,

    I am a CFS/ME/SEID sufferer from Canada. I came across your "honest vlog -Living with…" and found myself 9 years in feeling exactly the same. Curious about who you were, I found this "glossy," rendition of 2015 gone by. I see so much enthusiasm to live vibrantly when I know you might otherwise have had none. It's painfully polarizing! And there I've been asking myself, do you see media as your helping hand? or can it be the double edged sword to an otherwise vulnerable personal identity?
    All with kindness


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