It’s been shockingly awful weather of late, so I’ve been unable to take any new outfit posts of ensembles that reflect what I am genuinely wearing at the moment.. Well, I lie, I could have taken some pictures, but I would have been  risking illness for results which would have likely featured a serious case of drwoned rat or drizzle induced hair frizz. 

So for now you’ll have to put up with another Liv Tyler inspired look. One of the films I featured in my sartorial ode to 90’s Liv, was Stealing Beauty. 

The film is set at a Tuscan villa so she is in full on relaxed holiday mode when it comes to her dress. On the whole it’s fuss-free simplicity…but always feminine and beguiling. 

This heavely look above is what I wanted to  try and recreate. I don’t have the funds to purchase any new pieces for these style recreations, but I had a Religion dress in my wardrobe which had that romantic sensibility about it. 

The elements you need to tick are floral prints and semi sheer fabrics. In an ideal world it would have tiered or layered elements, and these kaftan style sleeves…but as long as it has that goddess vibe you’ll be on the right track. 

To enhance that relaxed holiday vibe I let my hair dry naturally. I then attempted to recreate her half up bun style do. Safe to say that I didn’t exactly nail it, but I don’t have that lovely silky dark hair that Liv has. 

If you are one for visuals I thoroughly reccommend you watch Stealinh beauty. The Italian countryside, the Giorgio Armani curated styling, Liv’s stunning face…it truly is a feast for the eyes. The film also features Jeremy Irons, who has one of my favourite speaking voices in the world. 

So, I can’t help but wonder…Am I alone in being inspired by film when it comes to my fashion choices? Let me know in the comments, which films have informed your warbrobe? 


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