I still don’t really have the words if I’m honest. It hasn’t really sunk in yet. Maybe it never will…

I would love to write a piece that would do justice to the trailblazer, innovator and anomoly, but I’m afraid I’m not sure I…or anyone in fact, could capture everything he did for the world with his art and  what he represented for us oddbals.

Yesterday I posted a video on my channel. It was a reaction, actually, more of a reflex, to the  devestating news I woke up to. My Whatsapp was full of messages from friends checking if was ok and sending their love, because they knew how much he meant to me. I wasn’t a nutty fan by any means, nor did I have his complete back catalogue or an impressive collection of merch, but everyone who knows me well is aware of my love for David Bowi,  his music, his films, and his unsrestricted approach to style. When someone as unique as him leaves this world for his home planet, you realise just how lacking the music industry is today. There are great artists don’t get me wrong, but I struggle to think of anyone creating a movement and scene that shocks, surprises, and colours the world like David did.

Before I continue with this post, which is so badly written due to the muddiness of my brain, that it almost does a diservice to the man I wish to honour, I’ll just point you in the direction of my video. You won’t find me speaking eloquently on there either…but it’s a genuine spilling out in response to the news I’d just received a few minutes before presssing record. To make it less unpleasant to watch I recorded me re-creating one of his iconic looks as an homage to the style that informs so many designers and creatives to this day (and forever more).

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