Today I wore this gruney outfit while mooching round my favourite local spot, Hampton Court. It dawned on me how out of place my outfit was in the setting. Grand, refined, beautiful, elegant, rich, royal – all words that could be associated with the palace. None that could be twinned with this ensemble. 

I’ve always loved the idea of combining things from very different worlds, opinons, styles etc. I remember getting really excited in english class when we learned about oxymorons – a figure of speech that juxtaposes elements that appear to be contradictory. The example we were looking at was from Romeo and Juliet….’feather of lead’. I digress….

I don’t know why I particularly revel in the combining of two opoosing things or ideas…perhap it’s because I like to see things/people out of their comfort zone. Perhaps I just believe there’s a lot of beauty to be found when things contrast so vividly. My hunch is that I’m drawn to the concept because I myself feel like I’m often at odds in terms what I should be or what I should look like, given my interests or scenes I’m meant to sit within. 

Over the last few years I’ve worked, for the majority, within what it called the alt sector. On numerous occasions I’ve been challenged because of my appearance and other interests…which don’t fall neatly into this specific catagory. It’s been mentioned a few times that perhaps my career would have benefited from being or becoming someone who was easier to pigeon hole or label.They have a point…Brands look for people that embody the brand…so therefore they’re likely to want to work with those that fit the more acknoledged form, even the sterotype. Someone who screams the demographic at first sight.

I know I would probably have gotten more work had I been covered in tattoos, decorated with more piercings or had alt hair. Yes, being stubborn can be damaging to ones progress…but for the bigger picture…for the future…and for the sake of wanting to make progress by taking a stand, I haven’t changed who I am or how I look. I’ve dyed my hair crazy colours, numerous times, and yes sometimes I wear a nose ring, but thats because I feel like it that day. 

My style, my looks, as well as the activities, sounds, entertainment I choose to spend my time enjoying will always be governed by what my instinct tells me, what my passions draw me to. They will be varied, they will be confusing, they will be at opoosite ends of the spectrum. Some days I will want to listen to classical music all day, the next day may be soundtracked by Deftones or Slipknot. Some days I want to look elegent and ultra femine, the next I’ll dress a boy and want my make up to look smudged and lived in. 

Our moods change, as do our tastes, passions, journeys…so surely it makes sense that they are reflected in the way we dress, the way we act and the ways we want to spend our time. 

We have so many aspects to your personality. Why put yourself in one box….?
Just do you…


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