As I always say to you guys, I’m a bit schizophrenic when it comes to style. Some days I feel like being ultra feminine, and I attempt to be sophisticated and ladylike, which is difficult when you’re me – it involves a lot of masking my natural personality. Other days I want to dress like a boy, which generally falls into the same catagory as dressing for comfort, and means stealing some of the boyfs clothing (usually beanies and hoodies) . Then there are days like today when I want douse myself in darkness. It doesn’t necessarily mean I’m in a grumpy mood, sometimes I just want to blend in with the weather and the grungey scenery – other days I want to stand out as beaken of colour against it. 

Some days a delivery will make the decision for me…..

Today I received a package from Monster Merchandise, a clothing company by Gavin Butler, who some of you will know as vocalist of The Blackout (who are sadly no longer around). He tweeted out that he had some left of this bold design, and at the time they were only a fiver, so I couldn’t resist. I’m guessing a lot of people showed an interest in this particular design as they have now made a proper return to the site.

I was watching Leanne Woodfuls video about personal style the other day and she mentioned one of her style icons was Wednesday Addams, and I think that is true for a lot of us, particularly those who are lumped into the rock/grunge/alt catagory. You guys know how I feel about the alt tag, but you know what I’m getting at .  

She was the anomoly at school, the one that looked and felt different to everyone in her class…if not the whole town. She was also a bit of a badass, making some supremely dry and cutting remarks. She also had that soft centre underneath the all black everything. I think we can all find something to relate to in a character like that. 

Her pale moon shaped face, the black plaits, and the black collared dress are a look many of us bloggers have turned to one time or another. The prim but edgy dresses are churned out by many brands targeted at our demographic because they are very aware of the appeal she has. I have a very similar dress from Missguided which nails to Wednesday look.

I’m going to stop rambling now because my brain is like mash potato today, and the more I write, the likelihood of absolute tosh being written will increase.

Gavin sent a lovely freebie with my purchase too, which I will post on instagram soon – definitely another item you should consider adding to your shopping basket though. 

P.S Anyone else think working in the music industry and/or going to festivals was much more fun when The Blackout were around? Miss you guys, if you happen to read this….hope you’re all doing well!! 

Monster Merchandise Tee

Leggsington Leggings

Topshop Boots

Monster Merchandise necklace 

Primark Hat 

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The creater of the designs can be found here

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