Love, it exists in so many different forms….but today I’m going to concentrate on self love. Not that kinda of self love…you naughty buggers. I mean the excepting and embracing of who we are…..

I don’t expect you to finish reading this post and suddenly feel completely in love with yourself, nor would I particularly want that. We are all on a quest for improvement…some of us even striving for perfectton. But this is attainable for numerous reason. Firstly everyone’s view of perfection is different, your ideal may be the complete opposite for someone else. 

Perfection is an illusion. The benchmarks you have, and people you idolise, probably aren’t all you’ve built them up to be. I’m not saying they’re not fabulous, but us humans all have things that could be worked on. We all make mistakes, we all fall down and we all feel we need a little help from a good filter now and again…or more.

One of things that unite us in life is that we are all on a journey. I know it sounds a bit like an X factor script. But we are all evolving and making few or many mistakes on the way. But part of the fun is realising changes have occurred and that you’ve learnt something on the way. 

Think how dull it would be if you felt you’d reached the pinnacle of everything – nothing left to strive for, to drive you forward. That will never happen though, there’s always room to be better, kinder, less selfish, happier, more knowledgable… and so on.

There’s a lot of us that feel stunted because of insecurities regarding our looks. Perhaps we’ve never liked what we see in the mirror, or perhaps someones careless words have tainted our opinion of our shell. I say shell, because that’s what it is…its a vessel for all the important stuff. However I’m not so naive to think, particularly in this social media and celebrity fuelled age that our opinions of our own level of attractiveness doesn’t have an affect on how we function – our confidence, productivity and our abilities to relate to others.

Think about the people you love in your life, and how easy it is for you to pick out their beautiful qualities. If you can do it, remember they can do the same for you too. Everyone has a stunning feature, an amazing personality trait, a talent or ephinity for something or triumphed over an obstacle… Everyone. Sometimes it’s just about recognising it.

Think about what you say to your friends when they say how much they hate a certain aspect of themselves. How often do you hear someone say they hate their crooked smile, for example, not knowing that many others pick that as their favourite feature, because its cute and endearing. Perhaps you feel like clumsy and uncool,  qualities that can actually be appealing, warm and approachable to many looking on. 

Being an oddball, misfit, eccentric has definitely worked out for an army of successful and inpirsing people.

Life really is very short, it’s such a shame that we allow insecurities to obscure or prevent. That we let low self esteem stop us from being the happiest or most fulfilled person we can be. There’s so much out there to be enjoyed or that we can draw strength and wisdom from. We all deserve it too.

If these words haven’t stirred you to y think of one thing you like about yourself, talk to a friend who I’m sure will be able to reel off a long list.


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