Egg in Williamsburg: A mini review

Before I headed to New York I had pestered all my contacts, via all my social media portals, for tips on places to eat. Egg was one reccommended by a few people, so I made sure that I encouraged a visit during our first ‘where shall we go for breakfast chats’. Luckily it was already on Zoe’s radar too so no pushing was needed.  I have to admit that it’s name had something to do with it….how could I not go eat at a place called Egg? I mean, come on!

I had heard from others, and from reading reviews online, that the wait can be a little long for food. But I was unfazed as on holidays I’m generally less fussed about slow service, because I think of the meals as part of the holiday experience. It’s less about function and merely refueling. I love to take a moment to take everything in, people watch and really relish the complete breakfast scenario, so if the process takes a little longer, that’s generally fine by me. 

The service immeditatey seemed a tad slow, but not in a particularly negative way, the staff just seemed super chilled and peaceful, and just didn’t put too much onus on rushing the process. It wasn’t  hugely busy so there was no real need for them to churn their guests out at a particular rate.

The decor was minimal and simple but incredibly light and airy. There were some beautiful ostrich feathers near the back of the space that Zoe was admiring from her seat facing away from the window. From observing the interactions, many of the other diners in there appeared to be regulars, which always makes you feel confident about a place.

A little potted history about Egg..

‘This southern-style comfort food spot got its start operating
mornings-only out of Sparky’s hot-dog emporium. But it’s become so
popular among the formerly Kentucky-ham-and-scrapple-deprived locals
that Egg mastermind George Weld teamed up with ex-Pies-N-Thighs partner
Steve Tanner and bought out Sparky’s, adding a short-but-sweet lunch
menu. And in early 2014, they expanded again, moving Egg into the former
Parish Hall space.’

French Toast . . . $12

2 slices of Amy’s brioche with Vermont maple syrup

Every day on holiday you’ll have that inner battle to decide whether you’re going to opt for sweet or savoury. Some mornings you wake up knowing you’re in dire need of a sugar boost, and that a hardy dose of syrup would make you feel cosy and comforted rather than sickly and gross. Other days it’s obvious that your body is gasping for salt, and that an intake of savoury goods would set you up for the day. The worst kind of days are the ones when you feel incredibly confident you could devour a high volume of either. In these instances you have to make an incredibly difficult decision. Do you opt for one dish, in turn taking the risk that you may make the wrong decision and end up angirly lusting over your breakfast mate’s choice? Do you get two meals, or even an array of both sweet and savoury sides, and make yourself sick with greed? 

I know what you’re thinking…not the worst problem to have, but it certainly does tax one’s brain in the early hours of your day.

So on my first proper day on my NY holiday I made the right decision in plumping for a sweet dish. It was clear when my plate of french toast and syrup arrived that I was victorious, and had won the breakfast wars on this occasion. Don’t get me wrong, the others were incredibly satisfied with their savoury choices but my dish was the one that caused the most stir at the table, the most gasps of visual, aroma and taste appreciation. Unfortunatelywhen your dish is the standout winner it usually means you’ll feel pressured to offer a taste to your breakfast buddies, as they’ll want in on the experience. It’s sad to lose a percentage of your breakfast, but it’s a kinda cute bonding experience to make yummy noises together. 

There are some amazing lunch options too, I’ve heard wondrous things about their Grilled Cheese Sandwich created using Graften chedder grilled on Amy’s organic country white or 5 grain bread. Salivating at the thought of it and already thinking it’s probably worth getting back on a plane to NY for. As amazing as
lunching at Egg sounds though, breakfast is
now served all day too, and you can’t go wrong with that, trust me.

It wasn’t our favourtie from the week, but definitely a yummy and pleasant breakfast experience and a decent way to start our week of NY style eating. I also really love the ethos of their brand and their artisanal approach to the produce they use.  I didn’t get any pictures of the other’s savoury options but they all seemed to enjoy their omelets, and Zoe loves the revitalising zing of the caramelized grapefruit with mint.

109 N. 3rd St.,

Brooklyn, NY 11249

  • Monday — Friday: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Saturday & Sunday: 8 a.m. — 5 p.m.

Breakfast is served all day every day. Lunch begins at 11:30 a.m., with a limited menu on weekends.

To call: 718 302 5151. Walk-ins only!

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