Last week I was invited to a Scandinavian cooking demonstration at the home of interior designer and cook Hanna Geller Goldsmith, otherwise known as cooking blogger extraordinaire Building Feasts.

We’d be eating the resulting brunch via the new Home ware range from Kikki.K

If you’ve been to their Covent Garden store, you will have no doubt noticed the beautiful light filled interior and the beautiful pastels, metallics, and whites covering their ever so easy on the eye product range.

Even if you think you aren’t familiar with the range, I will guarantee you will have seen some of their adorable notebooks and journals posted by many a influencial blogger on Instagram. 

The products I’ve been particulraly obsessed with are their adorable Inspiration journals – little pastel coloured books designed to help you get the best out of yourselves, and out of life in general. There’s a book fitting for various areas of your life that you may feel need work – Mindfulness, Goals, Habits, Happiness. Gratitude and Dreams. I’ll be honest with you, I could probably do with the whole collection. My needs aside, what a lovely gift they could be for someone in your life that needs a bit of a boost or motivation.

 Anyway back to their brand new Homeware, which is in-keeping with the brand’s stunning aesthetic.

Inspired by nature, and using the patterns found within in a simplistic and clean fashion, the new kikki.K Homewares Collection, Svenska Hem Små Stunder,
incorporates natural veined wood, speckled matte porcelain, and polished
brass to embody the best of traditional Swedish design. 

Beautifully unfussy in style and ultimately practical in nature, kikki.K’s Homewares
Collection combines texture, shape and fine materials with a touch of
gol, delivering a cost effective route to achieving the oh so trendy Skandi chic. 

Some of my favourties include the white
porcelain cups featuring cute and relatable quotes like “There is always time
for tea”, as well white glass bottles with the message ‘make more time for those little moment’ – adorable! Also in the range are milk jugs, sugar bowls and teapots decorated with
muted gold florals which are all screaming to be posted on Instagram.

If you’re looking to add a touch of style and serenity to your work space then the collection’s desk clock, notepads,
clipboards and scented candle are the perfect way to inject it. I promplty added the the 3 shaped dishes with their flecks of shining metallic to my wish-list.

Finally, If you’re looking to add some Skandi freshness to your living space then the Svenska Hem Små Stunder vases and wooden framed prints,
trays and vases do so effortlessly.

The items photographed in this post were all contained in our lovely goodie bags from our morning of Scandinavian  brunching. It included a matching teapot, milk jug, and cup, complete with it’s light wood saucer – the same light wood finish used throughout the range.

 Milk Jug £6.00

Teapot £14

You can see/follow the Scandinavian Brunch recipe’s demonstrated by Building Feast in this video…

You can bring some added fun to your baking, cooking and kitchen organising with this
pretty Paper Lover’s Book. It featues Recipe Cards, Notepaper, Table
Place Cards, Stickers, Labels, Tags and more, so you can get creatuve while tending to your OCD.It almost makes you want to go to the hosting an afternoon tea or dinner party. To avoid the stress that may cause I might cerate some foodie presents for some upcoming birthday’s.

Paper Lovers Book: Love Food £18

What do you think of the collection? Are you into this clean minimal style? What piece are you coveting?

The Svenska Hem Små Stunder collection is available in store and online

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