This time last week, the prospect of getting through Monday seemed slightly less daunting thanks to an invite I receieved for a 20 minute hair styling refresh. Hair-dresser Max Centini was hosting the pop up during fashion week, from a suite in the styish ME London hotel – a location now synonymous with calwalk events and stylish parties.

 The temporary hair rescue and revamp destination was created with LFW attendees in mind, so that they could ensure they maintained their desired look throughout a day of shows. Even though I decided to boycott LFW this season, they still kindly allowed me to pop by.

It’s far easier to maintain volume, curls, or a sleek do, if you have an assistent to shelter your choreographed barnet with an umbrella (or of even their jacket), and if you are able to afford cars, Ubers and chauffers to drop you as close to the entrance as possible. Us normal folk find ourselves looking as we intended for the first show, if we’re lucky, but after a few tube journey’s and damp dashes between show venues we tend to suffer from frizz, fall-out or flatness. 

The state of my hair can have a huge effect on how I feel, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that feels this way. Think how you strut, stand tall, and swish when you come out of a salon with a fresh do. Think how you tip your head and avoid eye contact when you have to leave the house with greasy roots. 

I’d had a rather frustrating and disappointing meeting before my pit stop with Max, so I was in need of something to give me a lift, and I’m not just talking about hair. 

Down the sexily dark corriders of the fourth floor of the ME London, Max and his team, including lovely PR’s Jenna and Charlotte, were there to greet visitors to the pop up, offering Italien Prosecco and Coffee to enjoy while being pampered. 

It wasn’t long before I was in the hot seat and nattering away to Max via the showbiz lit mirror, sharing stories about the embarrassing moments you say hello/wave at someone because they seem familiar, then realizing they’re celebrities and you actually only know them off the TV. Max made me feel mich better about my catalogue of embarrassing smiles and waves, having gone one step further and striking up conversations with A- listers, thinking they’re customers from his salon. You can forgive his mistake, given his salons extensive celebrity clientele.

So let me tell you a little bit about Max Centini, the charming hair dresser responsible for giving me this swift revamp. He owns three salons in Fulham, SW6: Maximiliano Centini, Centini Blow Dry (which I visited for a Golddigga event last year) and Centini Hair, all using high quality organic hair products. Born and raised in Florence, he began his training in Italy before moving to London where he joined Vidal Sassoon as a senior stylist at the knightsbridge salon. It was not long before his talent and flair stood out, and he was soon teaching recruits at the Sassoon Academy, alongside his work in the salon. 

Max went on to spend several years teaching and consulting in salons and managing hairdressing seminars in Italy, France and the US. He’s won numerous Italian styling awards and has a Sustainability Awards for his eco efforts. As well as heading up the task of running three busy London salons, Max has been developing his and his team’s specialist work for fashion shows, advertising shoots, makeovers and weddings.  When I visited Centini Blow Dry salon, I took advantage of one of their specialities and got a Perri from Little Mix style braid – they have someone at the salon whose only job is to create braids – it’s quite the artform.


To create these soft waves Max used HYSTRIX – THE QUICK FIX (rrp £93) which is a 2 in 1 styling technology. It can be used as a hot brush for swift curling and volume, or as a straightening iron for sleek looks. The things that really impresses me about the product is that the ceramic plates are infused with Argan Oil. Anyone who has used argan will be indebted to it’s wonderful restoritive capabilities. In a short space of time it’s turned my straw like split ends into….well, less straw like.

You can buy one here….


And here’s the finished result, which is pretty miraculous considering how flat and deadbeat my hair was before being put in Max’s capable hands. He was telling me that it’s more current to not look too done. We want volume, for sure, but we don’t want it to look too set, too formed….we wan’t it to be a bit lived in. Which is great, because my ideal easthetic is always big, but with a hint of rock n roll.

If you’re like me, you love a root through a goodie bag, even if it’s not yours. So for fellow nosey parkers, I’ll show you what I got.

I was very pleased to see the Top Insulating Mat, as I have burnt my carpet more times than any adult should admit to. It turns to red with heat, and is heat resistant up to 250 degrees. This will reduce a lot of stress for me. The amount of times I leave the house for the day wondering if I’ve left my straighteners on…at least it will cause a little less damage if I do it now!

When I first looked at the label of this purple droplet shaped bottle I felt my face morph into a confused expression. It sounded very posh and almost an un believable in its promise. From reading a lot of online reviews, it sounds like quite the wonder product in terms of upping the volume of your hair, not just instantly, but over time. It’s a multitasking styler that delivers root-to-tip
volume, providing flexible hold while leaving hair feeling touchably soft.
The secret is the Marine Plumping Complex, which contains
omega-3 and Seasilk® to strengthen and restore hair’s natural thickness
and reduce breakage. Color Hold®, a proprietary technology, locks in
hair color brightness.
The bonus is that it is created without Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates. I’m excited to see what it will do with my slightly troubled mane – will report back.

There was a set of hair products from the brand Ecru, which I hadn’t actually heard of before. Max and his salon are concerned sunsatinability and organic and ethical products,  so he has a lot of knowledge when it comes to hair ingredients and products that are actually good for your hair, and not just products that state to have positive effects.

My favourite item from the goodie bag was UKI Mr Bubble, which features asymmetric ceramic plates and a Patent bi-cube design for curls and flat waves. The plates are also injected with tourmaline to maintain hair health and promote a shiny finish. I’ve always thought they looked a bit complicated so have bothered to try one till now. But I’ve been missing out, big time, it’s now my go to styling tool, even over my beloved GHD’s, and was used to create my curly BRIT Awards look.

Thanks Max and team…I wish you could give me and my hair a lift every morning!! 


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