Yes I know…another NY related post. When she will shut up I hear you cry ? Not any time soon I’m afraid. There’s too much I still have to say about my adventure in the Big Apple. I will try and separate my NY posts with some non NY posts, so if this isn’t of interest don’t think you have to abandom my blog completely. 

As you will have gathered so far, my trip was generally a roaring success. Most of the sights I’d always hoped to visit all these years, well and truly lived up to my expectations. Sadly I didn’t end up managing to see Lady Liberty up close, but even from a distance it was an integral part of a thrilling NY view. Brooklyn Bridge was just as iconic and spectacular as all those sindicated art prints in the likes of Ikea had made me believe. Central Park was the perfect destination for people watching – with photoshoots, dog walking, fishing, boatings and picnics simultanesouly decorating the vast space. However, there was one place that didn’t compare to the image I’d jigsawed together from thousands of photos and clips from TV and movies. 

Till I vistited I have always thought of that naked cowboy, clips of MTV TRL with Carson Daly, or awkward outdoor broadcasts by the likes of Good Morning America.  Now I just think of a fairly unrelmarkable overcrowded space. Yes the surrounding buildings were so high I crooked my neck gazing up at the,  yes there were those huge signs and LED advertising of very attractive people selling stuff….but it wasn’t a square.

I don’t know whether my expectations of what I square is were so because I had reference in the form of Leicester Square and the wonderful squares in Europe which are outlined by bars and restaurants with outside seating. Either way it didn’t feel very square like and it just felt like a bit of chaos and added hubub aside of the road. Not a particularly notable floor surface space and cluttered to a stress-worthy level due to the conveyer belt of commuters and tourists.

I may be completely harsh in my view, perhaps I just went at the wrong time of day. I can only assume the lights make it look rather spectacular at night. Next visit I’ll make a point of checking it out once the sun sets. 







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