Last week when I was in Bloomingdales in New York and Sarah Jessica Parker asked me to remove my tights so she could see how some of her shoes looked on with a bare leg (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say) – anyway, more about that in a blog post soon. 

I was mortified as I returned sans tights as requested by the Sex and the City star. My legs were a bristly, but pretty okay by my dreadful standards. It was my knobbly knees that really let me down, and really showcased my lack of care when it comes to looking after the condition of my body. 

Although paled by the winter months, my skin is a few hues warmer than white thanks to acheiving the darkest tan of my tanning career last summer in Santorini (I’m not reccommending this to anyone by the way – skin safety first people). However my knees were lined and rough, with a chalky grey appearance not dissimilar to rhino or elephant skin. 

In a desperate attempt to correct the discolouration I put my fingers in my mouth  and rubbed some spit on my knees, not exactly befitting of the glam event, company and location. Poor SJP deserves better! 

Anyway I’ve got in to far too much detail already, rather than continue on this TMI theme let me get to the point of this point. 


Urban Tan has launched four exciting new retail products. They work
closely with salons and have listened to their clientele’s requests to
come up with some home tanning products that will deliver the
professional finish.  In creating these products they’ve tried to
deliver even more, infusing each with anti ageing and skin improving
properties associated with more expensive alternatives on the market.

So I was recently sent the Urban Tan’s product called Glamour Grit. I try not to say yes to all samples and opportunities that arrive in my inbox, as I really want to ensure where possible I review products that generally interest or at least intrigue me. Lately I’ve been trying to concentrate on testing Vegan or Cruelty free products, which this is. It is also Paraben free and gluten free. They encourage you to use this product before going on to apply their tanning products. 

It’s an Oil free salt scrub enriched with anti-oxidant Vitamin E to fight free radical damage for skin rejuvenation, and with all my sun tanning over the last couple of decades I am definitely in need of some of that! The inclusion of Green Tea, Sea Kelp and Algae helps to improve the overall condition of the skin too, something which my dry wintery stems are hankering for too. The smell of this product is absolutely glorious, but it almost makes you want to try it out as a quick snack (please don’t). I could detect it was Grapefruit I was smelling, but I see that it’s not just any old Grapefruit, it’s White Barbados Grapefruit no less.

I’ve been using it a couple times a week when I have a bath, but it’s positive effects are immediate. As soon as you wash off the salty crystals and the scented oil-like substance, your skin feels unbelieveably silky. My boyfriend even noticed, and you know how rubbish guys can be at noticing when you change things in your beauty routine. In fact my lad only seems to notice if it’s a change he doesn’t approve of. He recently felt the need to tell me he didn’t like the aroma of the shampoo I was using for instance. If I use it on my legs before shaving I find then my legs feel smoother that they ever have previously. My chest has become a bit prone to blemishes over the winter period, I think because of wearing layers that create sweat, which then clogs the pores. I have found that using the scrub twice a week has evened out the texture of that problematic area. 

The product is great. It smells great, works great, and is wonderful in terms of it’s ingredients and benefits. However, I think the brand are doing it a disservice. I say this because I want to try and offer something constructive in my review. I feel like bloggers and YouTubers, and in turn those who are influenced by their posts and videos, won’t want to post an Instagram picture of this product because it doesn’t fit in with the aesthetic of most of their feeds. These days Instagram beauty bloggers think so much about their chosen themes and if a product doesn’t fit in with it may well not be featured. You’ll notice beauty products with sleek, minimal packaging will get a lot more love on socials, whether the product is good or not. It is impossible to ignore the prevalence of rose gold in blogger themes for instance. I believe the brand would benefit greatly from a style rehaul, and I would love to see it happen as it would be a shame for people not to be turned on to the product because of the packaging. It just needs to be simplified, modernised and toned down a bit, and then I believe they’d be getting a lot of love, particularly with it’s extremely reasonable price point.

Glamour Grit RRP £14.99 (Salon Price £7.50)

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