10 Easy Festival Hair Styles

Yes, it’s that time of year, when all us bloggers are going to bang on about festivals, festival fashion, festival beauty, festival essentials….and all the rest. For those that don’t go to festivals it must be an absolute snorefest period of the blogger calender. I’m not actually sure if I’m doing any/many festivals this year. My career path has changed since last season, and I am no longer working as music ed of Culture Compass, so the work I am doing has changed somewhat. That said, I know a lot of people who are so I thought I’d put together a video of some super easy hair style you could create…whether you’re camping or enjoying the hygiene and shelter of a hotel. 

I know that sometimes ‘EASY’ tutorial aren’t actually so. Let me assure you that I am terrible at hair, so the styles I’ve bungled together are extremely acheiveable and will probably be created to a much high level by you lot, if you’re tempted to give them a go. 

In my festival camping days, I actually got nicknamed Bob because my hair would be dreaded by the end of the weekend. I think it was a combination of my hair getting caught in the straps of my bag,  getting all messy and sweaty in the crowd, and unsettled kinetic sleep on rock ridden floor. 

I’ve not included pictures of all the style as I want to entice you into watching the video…

Let me know if you recreate any of the looks, and make sure you tag me in your pictures! 



 Deceptive Ponytail – a style that makes your hair look a lot longer than it is…

Rey Space Buns – inspired by the heroine of The Force Awakens…albeit it a messy version

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