As it was my first ever trip to New York, shopping wasn’t
going to be my main priority. I know, I know, as a fashion/beauty blogger it probably
should have been considered top of my to do list, but I just had so many
tourist destination to tick off during my all too short week. I also had very little money
to burn, so I knew trawling the shops would be a severe form of torture for me. 

That said, if I passed some cool shops while on route, I was sure as hell going to pop in for a quick browse and lust. Unfortunately for me and my very spacious bank balance, Williamsburg is a hot bed for cool little boutiques, vintage shops and quirky finds. After our get to know the area mooch on day  1, I knew I was in trouble, and liable to spend money I didn’t have. 

I had a quick look in VeraMeat during our first explore of our temporary neighbourhood, but planned to come back so I could spend some serious time taking in all of the vast collection of jewellery and apparel. You know what it’s like when you can feel your male shopping buddies boredom surge into the back of your head like a lethal lazer.

That’s the danger with VeraMeat by the way, don’t expect to desire just one or two items. You’ll fall so hard for all the items, that you’d almost be willing to trade in your fella if it meant you could come away with one more piece. It actually became rather stressful to pick out just two items because every single design was right up my street and I ended up circling the shop like a befuddled madwoman. I dread to think what the super helpful shop assistent must have thought….’crazy english girl’ probably. After embarrassingly long period of to and fros and umm and ahh’s, I settled on a stunning gold brass spine necklace and a frenchie gold brass ring. I had been tempted by the Pretzel necklace because it felt like such a great NY memento, and I was pretty sure SJP wore a similar one in SATC. Recently Lena Dunham had worn one too, which amped up it’s cool factor even more. But Si said there was something really cool but elegant about the spine which would make it an extremely wearable and versatile a piece. 

I think what I love about VeraMeat is that there is a darkness about their designs, but their tongue is very firmly in cheek too. The brand (and Vera) have a sense of humour and eccentricity that us Brits live for. You’ll see lots of fun little details in store, from the creepy waxy hands used to display some of the items to the lifesize animal mannequins that appear to stare at you while you shop.

I adored their little offbeat knife necklaces, all the human antonomy pieces…but there were cute more affordable emoji inspired pieces like the happy poo rings which seem like they were meant for me (and my IBS woes) too.

I won’t talk about the fashion pieces you can purchase in store yet, as they’ll be featured in another post soon. 

I need to stop gushing now, but in short, Verameat is my new favourite jewellery shop. So Si if you’re reading this, come birthday’s and Christmas there’s only one site you need look at.

 If you think you might be on the cusp of developing one of those obsessive crushes on the brand too then UK residents will be pleased to know that they’ll be coming to the UK on the 23rd of April for a trunk show – make sure you find them on Instagram so you can find out all the details! You’re welcome!

I know… this kinda looks like a shot a creepy stalker has taken with a secret camera hidden in a button. But, how cool is the exterior of this store!

These animal mannequins are based on Vera’s adorable pets. You need to check out her Instagram to appreciate the cuteness of her furry family…the cat is currently sporting a very on trend pink rinse. I couldn’t help but think of Donnie Darko.

How cute are these cloud lights – anyone know where I can get some in the UK?

This Pretzel necklace on the left was the cause of a lot of confusion and heartache. I was so close to choosing this as the one I was going to come away with. I still think about it late at night when I can’t sleep (how sad am I)… will always be the one that got away….unless I get it when Vera Meat comes to the UK later this month!

 If you haven’t got that much money to burn after all your excessive NY brunches and tourist-y expeditions then have no fear, there are some very affordable pieces like pins and rings that are just as great – there are some awesome totes too (you’ll see those in the next VM blog).

Sorry for the photographic vomit coming up. I just feel a bit more inspired since my hair changed colour. I love how light effects the tones you see in it. It’s also made me experiement a bit more with my make up too – far bolder lips seem to be happening the last few days. I had the house to myself for an hour today too, so found the small amount of blank wall I have in my house that I can’t usually access, set up my tripod and operated by camera with my phonevia the wifi feature. I think that silver would be the most obvious pairing to blue/grey hair, but I love the warmth and pop the gold has against the cold hue of my barnet.





 Big thank you to Vera, you’re my new favourite.


  1. April 11, 2016 / 9:00 pm

    Great shop! I would love to shop there! So many crazy stuff!

  2. April 12, 2016 / 11:18 am

    The pretzel necklace is amazing! <3 They should totally get you to model for their brand, you look stunning.

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