The ones that got away…. Those items you
ponder for longer than usual, and for an amount of time considerably
more lengthy than your boyfriend can understand or tolerate, and then end up
leaving on the shelf.

On my last day in New York I was in
Urban Outfitters and saw this Lime Crime palette on display. It was
everything I had been looking for in a collection of eyeshadows. My face turned into an emoji…I’m being non specific because it was a mixture of heart eyes, confusion and many others facially unattatractive emotions. But at over $40 I couldn’t justify the purchase, particularly as I was already on a holiday I couldn’t really afford. Then of course I got home and grieved for the purchase that never was. I’d look at my eyeshadow collection and feel like something was missing….something grungey. I’d made a terrible, terrible mistake leaving it in the big Apple.

Till that chance meeting I had been struggling to find a palette that had all the colours in the grunge eye spectrum. Most have one or two, but then the the rest are either sparkly or colours that would find themselves neglected. I don’t have the funds to flitter away money on a palette that will only get 20% used.

Grunge tutorials are my favourite of all the beauty videos on YouTube. In part because I love the edgy lived in look sported by the like of Frances Bean Cobain and Brody Dalle, but mainly because it’s a look I have a hope in hell of being able to recreate.

You don’t need to be too precious when it comes to the application of a grunge beauty look, which is handy for people like me who have a diminutive skill set when it comes to make up. YouTube does have numerous more polished versions of the iconic look for those that struggle to let loose and allow a smudge of powder or kohl out of place. If you are wanting to acheive an authentic look that genuinly references the badass chicks from the dingy rock venues then you’ll feel liberated by the fact that nothing has to be too perfect…in fact if it looks like you’ve slept in it, than all the better.

Before I get down to reviewing the actualy product lets talk about the outer shell…which actually features a rather lovely shell. It’s called Venus, so it quite rightly has their own, more alternative version of Venus inspired by a painting by Sandro Botticelli called the Birth of Venus on the front. It’s given a luxe feel thanks to the shiny gold details. 


It’s got a very handy, reasonably sized mirror too, which is always a big bonus for me. I often use a palette as a mirror when I want to do my make up in bed still semi wrapped up in my duvet. 

It’s also a great size. It’s not too combersome – it’s almost the same size as a mini diary or organiser than you could fit in the handbag, which will mean it will probably come with me on my travels. 



On first inspection of the colours I thought that Muse and Creation would be the shadows I’d probably veer towards most frequently. They have that traditional grunge warmth to them in a matte finish. Muse is brown with a hint of burgendy and Creation a dark terracotta colour. Venus looked to be a slightly less dramatic version of Muse so perhaps would be useful as an intermediate colour for blending. 

Divine would be a great everyday matt colour to wear either on my lid or as a crease alongside a neutral lid. Shell and Aura looked like they’d be ideal for create a summery holiday look and softer feminine eye when used without the more dramatic colours in the collection. As you can see from the swatch above Aura doesn’t show up that well, so I think it would be great just to lift areas of the eye in the last stage of creating a look….perhaps in the corner of the eye or in the middle of the lid.

 I wasn’t planning on creating a proper look today as I’m going to save that for a video (so SUBSCRIBE if you haven’t already), but I couldn’t resist trying them out and just having a little play today.

I have to be honest I was a little bit disappointed at first. The pay off wasn’t as dramatic and bold as I had imagined it to be and it was a little hard to get a noticeable colour on my lid. After a while of layering I realised that they were incredibly buildable and actually the fact that you have to apply a few layers to reach than desired full colour is probably a good thing. If it’s buildable it means there is some versatility and flexibility with the shadows. You can be at subtle or shocking as you’d like. 

After realising that Aura was very pale I had used Shell to cover the majority of my lid. I then used a bit of creation and Venus in the crease. To complete this experimental try on session I use Muse in a circular motion on the outside edge of the crease.

Here I am sporting a look more dramatic than my everyday neutral toned eye which usually feature beige and brown matt shadows. But this is no way as impactful as many of the grunge looks you’ll have seen on Tumblr and YouTube . Although I brushed some of Muse along the lower lash line, I didn’t blend it out that far, so it’s still a fairly wearable look. I might go for it a bit more come video time. I can’t carry off heavy make up too well, but somehow when my video lighting is on my face I look less like a man in drag.

I’m very intrigued by Rebirth shade. On first look it’s fairly vivid – a coral pink – and I can’t imagine it working for me. Having searched for Venus tutorials on YouTube though, people have created some spectacular looks focusing on this particular square, so I’m hoping I’ll be pleasantly surprised!.

I am writing this post having worn the shadow for the majority of the day. I am happily surprised with it’s lack of creasing. I tend to always have a gross line in my crease where sweat and powder combines to create a sliver of gel like substance. It’s not a good look. So far my eye’s are still matt and blended, and I don’t think it’s because I just haven’t done any sweat unducing activity.

 This is actually the first item of Lime Crime I have owned. I have always liked the look of the products when I’ve seen them on the faces on various instagrammers and bloggers, but I’d often see a snarky or negative comment written underneath the image, so was put off from making a purchase. Over the years it seems their have been various controversy’s relating to the brand, including it’s Vegan/Cruelty Free credentials, as well as a saftey breach for those using their website. 

Due to the website security breach I decided to shop elsewhere and managed to find and extremely good bargain on a site called Light in The Box. It was about a third of the price of the one I’d seen in UO in New York. However, it did take absolutely ages to arrive…I think it may have been shipped from China (it had a suspect black and yellow sticker on the parcel) and I’m worried a big fat shipping fee may be coming by way soon. Time will tell on that….

I did decide to check out the Lime Crime website though and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had decided to deal with the controversy head on with a whole page dedicated to explaining each of the issues that have arisen over the years whilst giving useful info that will hopefully put some customer minds at ease. It would have been very easy for them to try and brush it under the carpet and ignore the swarm of negative chatter surrounding the company, but I think they’ve done the right thing here. The scale of problem, and the resulting reputation, meant that it wasn’t going to just go away…

I think other bloggers more immersed in the world of beauty will have a more detailed and accurate point of view as to whether the brand have actually learned from the mishaps and made necessary changes, but from a newbie to the brand they have definitely given the illusion that they are trying to make amends.

I’d be very interested to hear your experiences and opinons of the brand….

  Are you tempted to pruchase the Lime Crime Venus Eyeshadow collection?

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  1. September 26, 2016 / 4:12 pm

    ahh! which urban outfitters location did you find this palette?! ive been trying to find it in stores and don't know where to look !!

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