Before my denim hair completely fades I wanted to do a tutorial or two inspired by fellow blue haired ladies. To be honest I struggled and then rememberd that one of my all time favourite fashionistas (I really hate that word) had sported navy and teal hair, and completely rocked it.

What I admire about Nicole Richie’s style is that she is always willing to go a bit wild when it comes to her hair but she also manages to keep it classy and manages to pull off pairing it it will classic clothing. She’s so versatile, sometimes opting for minimalism and simplistity, the next rocking clashing prints in a hippy boho style. I know she got mixed reviews from the fashion press but I also loved her look at the Met Gala when she sported white hair – for me she nailed that year’s theme. 

There were a few looks I found during a google session but I thought I’d pick one that I think would flatter anyone….blue hair or not. This is slightly glitzy take on a smokey eye. Not in gaudy way though, just subtle muted fleckles. The skin is bronzed and glowing and the lips a soft pink and moisturised. It’s a feminine but sexy look, the hair sweeped back to draw attention to the skin and dramatic eyes. 

Watch my video below to see how I was inspired by Nicole’s look…


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