Last night was one of THOSE nights. The ones where your brain is louder and more overwhelming than your need to sleep. One thought leads into another, one tangent creating or developing into yet another tangent. Then you find yourself feeling regretful about things you said, or didn’t say, years if not decades ago. You go over them in your attempt to rewrite the past, even though you know it’s a futile activity. Once the angst part of this sleepless night is over you’re on to the ideas session. You find yourself writing future blog posts in your head, coming up with video ideas, or emails you need to write the next day. At least this chapter of night time consciousness is a productive one. 

I’ve actually been doing a lot better on the sleep front the last few months. Apart from getting up to pee, because apparently I have a bladder the size of a shrivelled raison, I have been sleeping pretty much throughout the night. It’s only recently I’ve seen some old patterns emerging, and frankly I’m terrified that things are going to revert back to how it used to be. 

For those that haven’t read my past posts on the subject, it wasn’t just taking a while to drift off or rising a few hours before my alarm was due to chime, this was no sleep whatsoever, for days on end. 

This went on for years. Thank goodness I was working from home, so that I could nap in the afternoon should my brain pause for a little bit, or if I passed out due to exhaustion. Anyhoo I won’t go over all that again…just search Sophie Eggleton and Insomnia to read my story. 

In fact last week I recieved an email from a publishers saying that my work and I had been featured in Arianna Huffington’s new book ‘The Sleep Revolution‘ and that they’d like to send me a copy. Inside this book, which deeply explores all aspects of sleep, is a section talking about how the lack of it can effect you –  she uses a personal tale of mine that I’d regaled in a piece for The Huffington Post. 

 I told you all this because I wanted a prelude to explain why Anastasia Tasou’s latest drop is so perfect for me. Her series of products on the ‘Always Tired’ theme were instant must-haves. Most statement or slogan tees either make me cringe because they are just not applicable or clearly targeted at a younger demorgraphic. A lot are based on the theme of us ladies being sassy….but I don’t think I have that much sass to be honest. I’m pretty sure Si is the sassiest of this couple. 

I love her style of drawing too. Its incredible how her simple words and use of ink and markers can be so evocotive. I think it’s because she scribes the fears/worries/angsts and joys that we have all thought of, dwelled on, experienced, longed for or regretted. 

I adore the work of artists like David Shrigley, which have the naive, childlike sensibility…and a dark sense of humour. I know many look at work of this nature and think ‘anyone could do that.’ Not so. Trust me, I’ve tried. It’s a skill that not many possess. What I seek from art (of all mediums) is to feel something. It doesn’t matter how simple you believe it to be, if it has the power to effect people it is a success. 

Go and check out Anastasia’s work, I guarantee you’ll find a piece that will speak to you. And if you’re struggling with life, like most of us are it seems, she also creates some fantastic little handbooks that offer a lovely dose of comfort.

 I am wearing…

Anastasia Tasou Tee

Topshop Mom Jeans

Adidas Trainers

Aldo Sunglasses

Etsy Nose Ring

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