Outfit Post: At One with Nature

Sometimes I realise just how British I am. I saw the sun shimmer through my curtains on Sunday, then heard my Dad say it was ‘quite warm’ out. This was all that was needed to convince me that my summer wardrobe was ready to be utilised.  

Si and I decided we’d have a rare no work Sunday. Low on funds, we decided a walk was the best option for today, and would make the most of this uplifting, but no doubt temporary, change in weather.

It’s been a little while since we’ve been to out favourite walking spot, Virginia Water, so we decided we’d drive there with the soundtrack of Deftones ‘Gore’. I find I can only make my decision about an album once I’ve gone for a cruise with it.

 The fact that it was a weekend, and sunny, would mean we’d likely be joined by hundreds of dogs. Let’s face it, the chance of meeting and stroking dogs is the biggest fuel for leaving the house and going for a walk – if not the only reason. 

So as I said, I discarded my usual jeans and chunky knit jumper, and decided to slip on a fairly new dress from Forever 21. It’s one of those 90’s floral ones, that has a casual grungey feel because it doesn’t fit close to the body.  In fact it would be easy for my to hide a dog in there, if I wanted to….but that would be weird.

As we got closer to the car park I noticed that the skies had dimmed. There was also a fairly grumpy looking cloud starting to form. I was starting to worry that I’d made a terrible error with donning a dress. Such an english thing to do. 

After about ten meteres I felt the goospumps pop up and the hair on my arms stand to attention. Yep, a terrible mistake. I often get torn apart for being someone that’s overprepared….for once I was appluded for having a jumper folded up in my little rucksack.  So my arms were saved, but unfortuntely it wasn’t long before my legs became itchy – like how they used to at school when you had P.E in winter and had to wear a netball skirt. The thumb that I broke at school had also turned numb and I started to get the achey jaw I get in bitterly windy weather. I was having a lovely time….

Thankfully, the sight of dog after dog was distracting me from this chilly misery, and I put my hands in Simons and stuffed our clasped hand into his pockets for some extra warmth. 

The next thing I did I can’t explain, I guess I was still hanging on to the fact that it appeared to be a nice summery day…or maybe I’m just greedy and love naughty treats. So as you will see from the pictures I bought a Calipo lolly. For me, sucking on a lolly, signals that summer is here, so perhaps I was trying to convince myself that it really was. My desperation for Vitamin D is frankly overwhelming right now. 

Yes it was yummy, but I’m pretty sure it helped to turn each of my fingers into meaty human lollys of their own.  Again…what was I thinking!

Anyway, so Sunday would be a day of bad decision making. That said, with the all the Rhododendrons and blossoms in full bloom I was gifted with a great background for outfit pictures of my floral dress. Everything happens for a reason, I guess!

 Forever 21 Dress

90’s necklace

Converse Trainers

Tiger Sunglasses

 Si wearing his statement Drop Dead jacket…he’s a lovely boy, honestly.

 My converse haven’t gotten much wear over the last few years because they tend to rub the back of my foot. These new frilly Primark socks have proved a game changer. So expect these classic trainers to be popping up in numerous posts from here on in. Somehow they pretty much go with everything!

If you squint your eyes I pretty much disappear….

I thought I’d be greeted with a beautiful floral perfume…it actually just smelt a bit musty. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover…and don’t judge a smell by it’s pretty petals. 

‘please don’t rain!’

This is the biggest tree in the area…well, I can’t guarantee it but just look at the size of that trunk! what a wise old tree…the secrets it must have!

 It’s extremely hard to get a shot of you enjoying a Calipo without it looking very inapproproate.

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