So last week I posted a little video about dressing with Denim Hair featuring some new tops that have made it into my wardrobe in recent weeks. I knew that my new blue tinged hair would be short lived so I wanted to make sure the outfits I chose over the couple of weeks (following my temporary transformation_ would do it justice. I wanted to wear tops that would either compliment the hair by being the complete opposite on the colour wheel, or ones that would fit into the pastel blue/silver colour pallette and create a tonal look. 

This is probably my favourite top from the lookbook, a denim bardot style top from Forever 21, who are fast becoming my favourite high street fashion store. I’m kicking myself for not shopping there sooner, they have so many great pieces, but are extremely affordable too. What’s not to like?

Bardot style tops are big this S/S too, and are great for those that don’t like to show too much bosom. If you are smaller chested the frill part of the top also gives the illussion of a bigger breast…if that’s what your after. I’ve never gelt comfortable showing off my gazongas, but I am more than happy to get the shoulders out. I actually find shoulders a rather shexy part of the female body, and its somehow less in your face than heaving bosoms. I think it’s a personal thing…just do what you feel comfortable doing skin exposing wise. Bra wise…try and hunt down that elusive well fitting and comfortable strapless bra. In it’s absence I just had to tuck in the straps of my faithful everyday black bra…unfortunately when I looked at my photos half of them were unuseble due to rogue strap, or cup rearing over the top.

Because I am creating a double denim look by combining my top with my hair, I thought another denim on my bottoms might be overkill. To give the look a bit of an edge I teamed with my faux leather skinny trousers. I’d not reccommend these in the summer months, particularly if like me, the majority of your sweat glands seem to be located in your posterior.

As you guys know by now I always like to give you guys an insight into the realities of blogging, so let me give you a few nuggets about this little photoshoot sess. 

So rather than doing another rather amateur looking shoot in my garden we decided to venture out. I don’t tend to do this often because I find the thought of posing in public horrendous. Si is really trying to encourage me to stop worrying about it and try and up my blogging game in terms of the outfit pics. I had said that I was looking for rust/orange coloured background as well as icy silver of blue, so he thought the local industrial estate with all their metal doors and garages might be a good shout. 

It was bitterly cold that day and raining. I had curled my hair prior, but as you can see if feel prey to the wrath of the weather.

We found a good spot to take some pictures so we ran over sheltered by Si’s big Zara Puffa, which I’d put on the floor when it was time for posing. Men kept coming out of their offices and warehouse, curious as to what was going on. This did nothing to help me look relaxed and natural. As per usual Si got increasingly frustrated with me, as my awkwardness was clearly visible in all the pictures. I also got heckled a couple times – they’re really doing nothing to help sterotypes here –  ‘she looks scary’ I guess referring to my blue hair, and the classic ‘ get your tits out’. Si kept telling me not to woryr about it, but only girls will get this…it’s very offputting.

Then next hump in the road came from the realisation that my comfort eating had had an impact on the bod. In the past I will admit to being one of those really annoying people that can eat what they like and not really put on weight. Unfortunately those times are now in the past, and my penchant for snacking is starting to make a real different to the state of my figure. To be fair to my I was wearing trousers that do hit an unfortunate place on my stomach that means it’s cut in and creates a flop over the top – this is why we wear high waisted jeans people!! That said, I’ve defintely developed a bit of a soft tum over the last few weeks. I’m not stressed about it , because I’m not exactly working hard to do anything about it, but it was a bit gutting when Simon kept having to tell me to breath in, suck in, or pull my top down. 

You’ll notice it in some of the photos, but rather than edit or leave them out of the post I’ve decided to keep them in. As I keep hammering home on this blog, I want this to be a place on honesty, and me and my soft tum is the reality of my current situation. I’ve got a bit of time before bikini season right?

 Forever 21 Top

 Missguided Trousers

New Look Boots

Claires Accessories Necklace

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