Fashion is far more fun if you’re flexible. Restrictions and rules only lead to repetition. We all have our go to stores and online destinations, ones that we check in on on a regular basis, whether or not we have funds or a particular reason to be shopping. If I’m looking for jeans there is a small list of otions that come to mind. If I’m looking for casual day where I have oodles of options. Trainers – there’s only a couple of brands I wear. You get the idea…

Habits are normal, in all areas of life, so shopping is no different. Some of us like to shop on our own, others like to go with friends so that they can get an honest appraisal with each outfit they try on. Some of us trawl the shops with snacks in our bags (energy is needed right?), some of  us like to go first thing to avoid the crush, and others have the impressove will power to save up to sales time in order to grab some bargains. 

Lately I’ve realised that my shopping habits have become a bit stale, with all my YouTube hauls and outfit posts featuring the same few brands. There’s not a problem with having favourties, but I did wonder whether my loyalty and frequency with these few, inadvertently meant I was missing out discovering great fashion elsewhere. 

But it’s not just habit that effects how you shop and what you wear. Sometime prejudice and perception play an unfair part too. I had realised this to a degree last year when I was shopping at the likes of House of Fraser and Debenhams for some Sponsored blog posts. I had the task of exploring these departments stores and finding items within their concessions that ticked certain hot trends of the moment. It forced me to look through the rails, and try on items, from brands I would have usually not even considered. It’s not that I didn’t have respect for the brands, nor did I think that their clothes weren’t of a good quality. I just thought that perhaps I wasn’t in their target demographic.You know, those shops that your mum suggests you should have a look in, and those smart brands she’d love you to be wearing at family occasions like weddings. I guess your rebellious side doesn’t want to believe your mum is right, again, and you don’t like to imagine that you could both appreciate the same fashion pieces. 

When I was trying on the outfist from certain brands that I’d orginally put in the ‘safe’or ‘mum friendly’ bracket, I was extremely surprised by how much I liked them. They not only fitted extremely well, but they didn’t look all. In fact, many ended up being my favourtie finds, and I found myself annoyed at the fact that I’d be dismissing these brands for so long. Think of all those lost outfits over the years. 

So I don’t know whether it’s because I am a bit older now, and that these brands are now actually completely age appropriate, or whether there have always been some gems within their collections, and I had just been too concerned with shopping at my usual ‘young’ haunts. 

One of the great things about having a distinctive personal style is that you have the ability to make most items work for you. You can style pretty much anything so that it is transforms into a look that blends with your aesthetic – by adding offbeat accessories, pairing with your trademark make up, wearing it in an unconventional way, or even customising. I love playing my existing wardrobe, it’s amazing how versatile every garment really is. Sometimes I’ll hoist a midi skirt up so it becomes a strapless dress, which I’ll then cinch in with a belt if needed. Layering jumpers and tops under or over a summer dress is a simple way to make it wearable all year round (meaning you get more out of the purchase). 

I absolutely love iT when a brand challenges me to style up one of their outfit. This week I had the pleasure of creating a look from STYLE EDIT, an extremely wearable and all inclusive range of occasion wear from the Jacques Vert Group. I say inclusive because when you first view the campaign shots you see how fresh and contemporary it looks for 20/30 somethings, but you can also completely envisage your mum looking fabulous in it too. That the great thing about well cut, classic and unfussy designs, they not only have universal appeal, but give you plenty of opportunity to make them your own. You also have the added comfort that any purchase will be a great investment, because the silhouettes, fabrics and designs, are timeless and will be able to work alongside any new trends that emerge season on season.

All the looks have been given a title that hints to it’s appropriate use or trend nod (like CASUAL WEEKEND, RELAXED CITY WEDDING, TIME FOR TWEED). I was tempted by a fab black jumpsuit, as well as a white suit, but in the end I decided to opt for the ensemble of items put together to create SPORTING LUXE. I do no sport whatsoever, but have always likes the simplicity and cleanness of Sport Luxe, and thought that some cream separates would be extremely useful when the weather heats up a bit. In a way it was a shame I had to post pictures of myself now with my wintery corn beef like flesh, as I’m sure I’d the outfit off a lot better with a touch of bronze on my skin. 

On the website the model is featured wearing the long pleated skirt and top with some simplewhite trainers. I loved the white theme, but in an effort to change it up a bit I thought I’d take inspiration from the muted gold tone of the bag. I’d remembered some old Zara brogues that I never find an opportunity to wear, which I thought would work great with the gold and off white theme. Opting for a lace up would keep it casual and cool, but the gold would still ensure it had a glam and luxe feel to it. 

I teamed with my Vera Meat jewellery, which I thought would add some youthful quikiness.

The top has stunning winged draping details on the back, which is best shown off when the top isn’t tucked into the skirt. However with a bit of playing around you can tuck the skirt in for the more nipped in silhouette, and the pull the drapes out a bit. This gives it a grecian ethereal feel to it. 

If you wanted to really go for that goddess look (or Game of Thrones Dragon queen aesthetic) you could of course team with braided hair with tendrals and gladitor style sandals. 

For the purpose of this outfit post I wanted to include some standout accessories, but I think the outfit has a wonderfully effortless and modern feel to it when worn without any additional elements. 

As it’s made up on separate pieces I have so many more ways I intend to wear this over the next few months. I think I will do some more posts that will hope to back up it’s versaility. With my newly blue hair I believe I could create some edgier styling option too.

So if you have any special events or occasion coming up, or just looking for some smart/casual wears for Spring/Summer make sure you check out the sites curated looks, I guarantee there’s an item that could work for you.

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