Happy Friday guys. This isn’t going to be as wordy as my usual posts as I’ve got a splitting headache, one of those intense ones that pulsates behind the eyes. Plus, this week has been too full on for me frail body to handle quite frankly, and I need to switch off from everything for an evening.

I was due to have a much needed day at home to work and catch up on my 26,000 unread emails yesterday, but my friend and in-demand colourist extraordinaire Loren had some rare spare time to do my hair, so I ended up in Berwick Street at the Soho branch of Bleach London. 

When it comes to bleaching my hair I have been fairly conservative since a disastrous dip dye which lead to my hair breaking off and leaving me with half the hair I had prior. 

But since I went denim with Adam Reed I feel more confident about being daring with my hair, and after numerous occasions in the hot seat with Loren I completely trust that she’ll deliver what I’m looking for. So yesterday I decided I’d give her the instruction to UP the bleach, and turn me in to a full on bright golden blonde for Summer.

 I thought I’d talk about the specifics of what I had done yesterday, just in case anyone else fancies the sort of same look for our hotter (sometimes) months. 

I’ll be honest I only get my hair dyed if I am getting it done complimentary for review purposes, or if  my pal Loren is available – who kindly gives me a lovely friend discount. I can’t really afford such luxuries, nor do I have the time to have regular visits to freshen. Due to my very sporadic visits I always ask for a look that will still look good even with a few months of root regrowth. This means I never go for a block colour, because that will create a really harsh line of natural hair when it starts coming through…if you go for strips, highlights or balayage it looks a lot more natural…more like holiday sun-bleached hair that’s grown out a bit.  I also kind of like the idea that people may think I’m one fo those free spirited travelling types that is constantly exploring the globe….

So till yesterday I had always had a half headd of highlights, that we would then tone at the end. I would always ask for the strands that frame my face to be a bit ligher as I find that lifts my complexion nicely and gives the illusion that the whole head of hair is lighter than it is. 

The only problem with going for a half head was that when I’d wear my hair half up, half down, you’d see my dark blonde/mousy hair underneath and hardly any of the lightest blonde would be visible. 

To rectify this I asked Loren if we colour the underneath sections. Rather than foil the underneath parts like she does with the top layers, she backcombed then rubbed the bleach on the majority of the length just leaving a few inches their original/natural blonde. With bleach on her gloves hand and my hair looking like a nest she used a sort of crunching technique… this point your hair sort of resembles Vermicilli noodles.

As I said before, I’ve always opted for a more natural blonde look, a dye job that was almost so subtle that no one even noticed I’d got my hair done, unless I made a point of posting it on social media and mentioning it very clearly. In a way that’s a good thing because it means that it’s been done very well, and that the colour didn’t scream fake, but sometimes you want a bit of that POW factor. On this occasion I wanted a look that would be so noticeable I wouldn’t have to drop hints to Si for hours in the hope it might get a mention or compliment…..and I achieved it.

He even said ‘woah’ when he saw it, which was the desired response….well, as long as it was a ‘Woah, that looks great’, rather than a ‘Woah, what have you done.’  

When Loren was drying it and the true colour became apparent the positive effects were instantaneous. I looked younger and fresher, and incredibly summer ready. I hadn’t realised how much the lack of oomph in my blonde was effecting my looks. Why didn’t I do this sooner, god dammit!?

When looking at myself in the mirror when having the consultation with Loren at the beginning I could see how dull my hair had become and how it was draining the colour from my face. Loren always has very bright warm blonde hair and the comparison between us was glaringly and devestatingly obvious. That side by side visual was the push I had needed to take the bleachy plunge.

For many of us salon sacredy cats Olaplex has made going for far more manageable a prospect. With this product you very rarely hear of any dye disaster and you don’t have the fear that you’re hair is going to be ravaged by the bleach. If you’ve grown your hair for as long as I have, the fear of bleach enduced breakages is pretty big. My hair felt better after bleaching and Loren’s confident I shouldn’t see deterioration as long as I do some intensive masks and conditioning.

In the past Loren has always tones my hair, but we have come to realise my hair has a tendancy to go ashy and a tad dull, so this time we decided the embrace the golden/yellow tones, as we agreed that my face benefits from the warmth.

So I think that’s about everything. I’m going to go and take my mascara off and bury my head in a pillow now. Have a fab weekend you lovely lot.


P.S Here’s an awful outtake photo from when I said to Loren that I didn’t want to take any more pictures in public because I was feeling like an absolute goon!

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