Yes, I’ve jumped on the band wagon. Like most of the bloggers on my social feeds I felt I must get a piece of the Archive by Alexa Chung Collection. I was slightly late to the party so I was able to guage via instagram what appeared to me the must have item from the collection. The high neck victorian style frill shirt seemed to be the standout star, so I decided that would not be the item for me – despite my initial lusting. I wanted to go for an item I knew I’d get wear out of but hadn’t already been styled to death via outfits posts and #wiwt hashtags.

I saw this beautiful silk floral print dress and knew that would be ‘the one’. At that point I didn’t know two more items from the collection would also be ‘the one’. It reminded me of Pearl Harbour – I mean that in the nicest possible way before you film buffs tell me that statement means I’m throwing shade. The silhoeutte and length of this dress reminded my of wartime babes with their set curls and stockings, and I’ve always be partial to retro style – they hide/embrace my hips wonderfully. 

I wanted to give it a nineties spin though, as I’m still pretty focused on giving every outfit a hefty nod to my favourite era. This is how I imagine grunge girls in the 90’s may have worn it…with unexpected trainers or boots and messy hair. 

The great thing about this dress though is it’s versatility. You can be ultra elegant and feminine and team with wedges, Mary – Janes or T-bars, or you can team with trainers and give it a relaxed and effortless feel.

Red is not a colour I usually wear, because I always feel like the only thing it matches with is my angry adult acne. But in this blue skied setting, with my skin temporarly dried up and evened out via the suns rays, I think it looks rather swish.

I appreciate all the items Alexa hand picked from the archive. I’m not sure whether it’s because we both fall into the same age bracket (dammit) and have similar interests, or whether Alexa’s much publicised style persuasion has somehow infiltrated by own preferences like Osmosis.

Either way, I was lured into buying two more pieces when I logged in to purchase this silky number, so keep your eyes on the blog to see what else I bagged from the archive.


 Dress – Archive by Alexa Chung for Marks and Spencer

Sunglasses – Aldo

Trainers – Converse (from Office)

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  1. May 3, 2016 / 8:19 pm

    I love how your lipstick matches your dress, very pretty 💕

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