That rare fashion speciman. A dress you feel cool in, that your mum still likes. Given that I still live with my mum at an age where I should be properly ‘adulting’ (I hate that word) I find myself still amending how I dress to avoid ‘the look.’ This scanning of my ensembles started when I was a teenager and trying to keep up with what my classmates were experimenting with. I’d imitate the trends cultivated at school, in my own makeshift or most cost effective way of course, and head downstairs to wait for the verdict. Mum would no censor her opinion and it would often leave with no choice but to changes into a new more traditional outfit before leaving the house.
Mum didn’t understand why my jeans had to be wide enough to fit two more legs in and why they needed to have the ability to soak up muddles. She also didn’t understand why I had chosen to wear colours that made me look like I was in the midst of an horrendous virus.

We are living in an age where dresses have cut outs, sheer sections, uneven hems and underwear-like construction – many not leaving much to the imagination. These are not mum friendly dresses (well theyre not my mum friendly). A dress she would choose for her daughter would be discribed as classic, cute, pretty, sweet….and useful. She’s not fussed about the ones that may receive heckles like ‘get them out love’, ‘corrrr’ or ‘check out the **** on that.’

But sometimes a little dress comes along that we can both get on board with. One that makes me feel great, and one that mum is happy to say looks great on me…it’s a very rare breed. While my mum see’s this as a fairly covered up, retro inspired dress – it was actually originally aimed at the teenage market in the late 1960s. The Junior Miss range that
hosted the archive item was incredibly popular in the 1960s and 70s – I see this as an extremely wearable and pretty day dress which has the ability to look edgy.

As soon as I saw this dress I thought of Courntey Love, who has created some amazingly iconic looks by combining tea dresses with her heavily rooted hair and a smudged bold red lip. By combining this dress with the right make-up and accessories I know I could turn it into a grunge dream.

But for indie queens this is your perfect dress too. Team with chelsea boots or patent heeled boots and you’ll look like someone that should be attending the NME’s or dating a member of The Strokes.

I wore it on a recent trip to Mallorca, sporting a casual look with my new pair of Converse and with some feminine flats from Primark, but I’m looking forward to wearing it once summer is over and teaming with a biker jacket and my favourtie ankle boots.

Thanks Alexa, you’ve made the post dressing showcase a far less stressful experience.

P.S If you are buying from the collection go at least one size down. I’m wearing a 6 but I am usually a 8-10. 

 Dress : Archive by Alexa at Marks and Spencer

 Sunglasses: Sunglasses

Trainers: Converse

Flats: Primark

Ring: Vera Meat

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  1. May 14, 2016 / 8:53 am

    I love it! You look gorgeous in it. I hate my pins so I tend to avoid short skirts and dresses which is a shame as this is so pretty.

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