The postman delivered some more affordable drugstore beauty in the form of two Collection Lip Lacquers from the DELUXE range. I had been highly impressed with the lipsticks, so I was excited to see if the brand’s winning trend would continue.

On first impressions I thought Show Off 2 that this was the perfect summer shade. I love to sport corals and pinks with a slight injection of orange during the hotter months, when my skin is slightly  closer to a toffee hue  and my hair bleached by the sun. This shade is a great way of being feminine and girly while packing a punch. It makes me want to rush out and buy a new floral tea dress immediately.

 The bud style applicator makes it extremely easy to apply to the lips, the fattest part covering a large surface area, and the tip allowing you to colour the inside the lines of the cupids bow.

When you first apply it to the lips it feels incredibly thick and gooey. You’re reaction to the texture is conflicted. The stickyness doesn’t feel great, but the consistency gives you the belief that it will have good staying power. Although I prefer the feeling of a gloss that is more slippery and wet, the formulas do tend to easily smudge and create an uneven colour.

The colour was exactly as I hoped, the perfect pop of girly pink. It was very complimentary to  my skin tone and had the ability to pep up my tired face a bit, which is always a nice bonus! I ate dinner with it on, and there was still a noticeable colour on my lips afterwards, which proves that it’s rich and gooey consistency equals longevity.

Next up I tried the second shade named Sparkling Lights which has the most dsitreet of glittery particles within it’s berry lacquer.

It’s the sort of colour I’d generally veer towards in the winter months, but the subtle shimmer gives it a summery left. This shade also delivers an intense and glossy colour.

I find the longer you wear these lip lacquers the better they feel. As I said before, they start of thick and sticky, but with the heat of your lips they seem to climatise and become much more comfortable to wear.

While these aren’t my favourite out of my recent Collection deliveries, there are still many positives about these bargainous lip lacquers. The colours are beautiful and have real impact. The design of the applicator makes achieving a neat lip a lot easier and they lasted well for their price point.

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