DeLuxe Lips by Collection – First Impressions

 Don’t get me wrong, I adore a matte lip. I always a feel a tad cooler when sporting grungey nude shade lacking in shine. But oh my word is my love of this 90’s trend taking it’s toll on my lips. They seem to always feel a bit crusty and flaky these days, and get so dry that when I smile too swiftly it’s not uncommon to feel a rip. The things we do for the sake of beauty eh….

This week I’ve been giving my lips a bit of a break and delivering a bit of moisture to the arid part of my face.  The lippies I’ve been drenching my lips with this week are from a newly extended range by Collection. 

They’ve added five new nudes to their DeLuxe L lipstick range to allow you to find the perfect shade to suit your skin tone. I’m sure you’ve all already cottoned on to the fact that nude lips are a massive trend, but the likes of Zac Posen and Oscar De La Renta have been backing it up with their catwalk beauty for S/S16 too.  

Before I get into reviewing the product lets talk about the packaging. It’s fairly simple and basic, and as rose gold is still very of the moment (and hugely instagrammable – I hate myself for saying that) I would have probably have picked that over the dark silver metal lid. The Deluxe font has a 1920′ Art Deco vibe which gives it a retro feel. What I really love is the bottom of the column which very clearly shows the shade of that particular lipstick, making it easy if you are hunting down a specific colour shade in Boots or Superdrug.

So first up I tried the shade Chicago 09 which appears to be a medium warm nude from looking at the bottom of the stick. When you put it on your lips it is lighter than you expect – it was only a few shades darker than my skin tone in fact. But I loved it! I have always adored that pale lip smokey eye combo – I probably feel my most sexy when I wear this look. Shade aside it’s the formula that knocks your socks off…or your flip flops if you’re reading this in the summer. 

It applies so smoothly and effortlessy, the formula gliding on in a way you find yourself swiping the lipstick from left to right and back again more times than is needed….it feels THAT good. My haggard lips felt instantly revived by the ingredients – 70% bled of lip conditioners, antioxidant and hydrating ingredients such as Shea Butter and Vitamin E. I suspect regular use of these lipsticks would help in getting your lips back to prime kissing condition.

Next up I tried the rather more daring shade, a dark magenta tone called Bonnie 08.

It’s hard to find that perfect shade of purple, obviously it’s subjective thing, but for me it’s finding the balance between edgy and wearable. If it has enough warmth in it via it’s pinky tones I find it can still look pretty and feminine, but worn with rockier clothes it can be young and cool.

When a lipstick has a sheen or gloss finish it tends to have less colour pay off, but this velvety lipstick produced a lovely full colour. The only problem (which isn’t really a problem) is that it feels so nice on your lips, you can’t help but constantly press your lips together and move them around…which of course moves the product around.

 I always find this sort of pink/purple shade gives me the illusion of having whiter teeth too, which is a massive bonus.

What do you guys think of these COLLECTION shades?

I am hugely impressed with these lipsticks. I’d be willing to pay a lot more for these £3.99 lippies. At that price I may as well try and get the whole collection…..right guys??

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