I’ve done a thorough video on my YouTube channel about the ins and outs of festival hygiene, but for those that find the sound of my voice annoying I thought I’d repeat it in text form.

Included in this post will be the obvious and straightforward products for the average festival camper, but there will also be some more obscure or innovative ideas, and measures that can be taken for those a bit more conscious about hygiene and cleanliness.

I know a lot of people that haven’t attended festivals because of their rigid levels of hygiene, and it seems such a shame to miss out on so much fun as well as the fantastic live music of course, so I wanted to include a few more ideas that might may the prospect of attending less grim.

Your Lady Parts

I’m going to have to be a bit indelicate during this section of the post – but it’s important that you look after your hidden areas as well as the parts that are have out and about. A ladies ‘area’ can get sweaty at the best of times, add a summer’s day, a festival moshpit, or a day walking around a field, and you have a superb formula for a very hot mess downstairs.  

Don’t worry though, there are things that can reduce the aftermath of a sweaty foof. There are of course Feminine sprays, but while they improve the scent and general feel of your personal garden, they are still generally just masking the issue. I’d reccommend bringing a feminine wash or wipe that will go some way in removing the initial issue and the build up of whatever has accumulated over the few days. It’s not uncommon to have to drip dry as the loo’s often run out of tissues, and we all have our standard lady juices that will run whenever they fancy, and the tent does nothing to air or improve the conditions of a festival worn vagina. All I’m saying is, it needs looking after during your weekend.

I guess getting fruity comines under hygiene. Firstly, I would not reccommend anyone getting down and dirty at a festival, because without being too crass, that is exactly what it will be….dirty – and not in a good way. I’m not going to go into full on mum rant mode but please be careful if you are drinking at a festival, please make sure you aren’t on your own, and try and have your wits about you. Whatever your plans for the festival do make sure you have some condoms with you – better to be safe than sorry.

If you are due to my on during your weekend (I usually am annoyingly) or you like to always be prepared, you can get vey compact tampons like these ones from Moxie which won’t take up too much room.


Festivals used to follow a week of depression for me. Not because I was missing the music or the summery vibes, it was due to the fact my acne would always be at it’s worst, suffering at the hands of camp living and loss to my usual strict skin routine. Things got better when I decided to start bring my usual face washes and a small bowl. I’d just pour a little bit of water from a bottle into the bowl and wash as I would do at home. This may seem a bit much for most, but if you suffer from very tempremental skin that is prone to severe acne, you’ll understand my measures. If you want to stick to the standard festival way of washing but still want to prevent spots then you could invest in some wipes like these one from Proactiv that specifically target problematic skin.

Remember you’re have is greasy and likely to be transferring it too your face when it comes into contact. Try and sleep with your hair out of your face if possible. If you want to tie your hair up but want to wear it down during the day, use a hair tie like the ones below which won’t leave unattractive dents and kinks in your mane.

If you want to keep an eye on how your holding up at the festival (visually) you’ll want to bring a mirror with you. However you don’t want to bring a large or fragile one that could lead to 7 years of bad luck. This was is thin and compact, and more importantly shatter proof. It is also attached to a cord so it can be hung up in your tent for when you apply your make up in the morning, then brought into the arena. I personally like to have a mirror with me when I use the arena loos, so I can check the shine and mascara goop status of my face when I’m in my cubicle.


I don’t need to tell you this, but dry shampoo is your festival saviour. These days they come with different scents and to suit different hair colours, so just pick the one that suits your needs best. I hear Batiste is vegan and cruelty free though so that’s a good one to go for.  Talc also does the same job, but can be a tad messy. 

I was sent a brilliant product from Filthy Fox that allows your to wash your hair without the use of water. It’s a foam that you rub on your dry hair. Once it drys your hair will feel considerably fresher. This could be time consuming if you have long or thick hair but is great for short or fine hair, or perhaps to freshen up a fringe.


If you are sharing a tent please be courteous to your fellow sleeping bag dweller. Your feet will be working hard at a festival and will get very sweaty, particularly if you’re wearing wellies or robust boots. If the weather’s top notch and able to wear canvas shoes….well, we all know the devestation canvas shoes like vans and converse create. A bit like digestives mixed with salty poop. 

Before the festival prep your shoes will a foot spray. Try and change your socks each day, if you are limited on the sock front try and air them out each night. Hang them on your guy ropes.  

Don’t stink the tent out with your dirty socks, or dirty anythings really. Bring a plastic bag with handles that you can keep your soiled and sweatied bits and bobs in and tie.  


Please bring plasters with you so that you can cover up any blisters or cuts you get and prevent them from infection. Festivals can be grubby and dusty places, so particles can easily get in and cause you harm if you’re not careful. If you are worried about anything, hurt or feeling ill, please make sure you got and visit the lovely people at First Aid, they’ll sort sort you right out!



When you’re out all day and facing the elements your lips can get rather cracked. Prevent it by wearing a lip sunscreen and keeping them moisturised with balm or vaseline.   

Filthy Fox sell some brilliant disposable toothbrushes that come in a sealed packed with toothpaste already applied to the brush.  I know this may sound excessive for some, but I have many friends who choose not to attend festivals due to the limitations on hygiene. These sorts of products would definitely appeal. 

Mints, spints, breath spray….whatever works for you. When you’re in the crowd your heads are compacted very close together. Nothing worse than being in the airflow of someone with questionable breath. If you’ve been drinking heavily you’ll find your morning breath is particularly potent in your airless tent. 


Your pits can be the source of the most heady of your bodily smells, so it’s important you keep these human caves as protected from the wrath of sweat as possible. I’m sweatier that your average, almost to a fairly rank level,  so I to I always opt for extra strength of Mitchum. The plus point is that it continues to work for 48 hours, so you’ll only have to roll it on a couple of times during your weekend. 

The Pits and Bits Deluxe Wash Kit provides all you can need to stay fresh all over. 

The deluxe Pits & Bits wash kit comes with a 65ml Pits &
Bits shampoo, which can be massaged into your hair and towel dried. It also includes the 65ml bottle of Pits
& Bits body wash, which can be added to one of the 4 x expanding
wipes included in the set. Once you have applied the body wash to one of
the wipes it will expand into a soapy cleaning wipe, making for quick
and easy washing without the need for water. You can also use the
supplied 40 x 40cm microfibre towel to quickly dry off when you’re done.
This is so compact it doesn’t add bulk to your packing. 

(The wash kit includes the disposable toothbrush I mentioned earlier, which is preloaded
with a single application of minty toothpaste) 


This Lifeventure soap is a must have at only £2.99. This all in one soap can clean pretty much everything from clothes to food to hair! It’s biodegradable too, so you wont be damaging anything in your efforts to stay fresh. 


Those Extra Measures

If the thought of touching any surface at a festival grosses you out, you may want to bring some plastic/latex gloves. I’ve got a few that have come with home hair dying products that would do the job if you want to save yourself from buying some specifically. Of course hand sanitiser is must for you too, and it delivers a nice refreshing zing to whatever it soaks in to. Having enough fresh clothes with you to last the whole weekend, and allow for any incidents of unexpected disastrous weather or spilled drinks will do wonders. Nothing like putting on a fresh T-shirt! If you are limited make sure you air things as much as you can, don’t have them screwed up in a ball.

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