Dear Beauty Bloggers and ‘proper girls’, please don’t judge me. Until last year I hadn’t attended to my brows, or groomed them as part of my daily routine. I guess a mixture of lazy-ness, fear and being completely clueless was holding me back. 

When I was a teenager in the nineties and all my friends were getting those really stripy highlight and pulling their hair back into a really tight ponytails, wearing Kappa tracksuits, or massive jeans that soaked in all the rain water, my parents were adament on keeping me young. They weren’t concerned with allowing me to keep up with the current trends, or ticking off certain teenage benchmarks just because my classmates were.  I wasn’t allowed to dye my hair, shave my legs and I was only allowed to get a bra at the last moment possible (when it started to be uncomfortable to do P.E).  At this time my classmates were taking plucking to the extreme, and leaving strips of hair no wider that a couple of mm above their eyes, which were weighed down in clumpy mascara. 

I chose my battles (the length of my school skirt being the main one) and I wasn’t overly fussed about plucking. I have always been very fair, so it wasn’t like my uni-brow was hugely visible, and the natural shape of my brow isn’t actually too bad. I do remember someone once pointing out the whisps inbetween my brows though, because they happened to catch the light one summer’s day.  I ran home and used a bic to shave it off. I definitely wouldn’t reccommed this, but luckily I avoided any disasters or injuries.

I think because covering my spots has always been my main prority and time consumer, other parts of my face have been somewhat neglected. It was only last year when things started to change for good. After a lunch with a friend, a conversation we were having lead to me confessing that I didn’t pluck my brows, or use any product whatsoever on them. She was shocked (and a tad appalled to be honest) and took me straight back to hers where she decided to give me a swift home wax. 

Ok, so it smarted a bit and I was a bit red raw and rashy, but I really liked the new shape which appeared to lift my face a bit. Then a review trip to a brow bar to get them professionally dyed and shaped completed my change in mindset. It was time to give my poor neglected furry friends and bit of tender loving care.

So earlier I told you that fear had put me off from styling my brows. I’ve met a lot of bad ones in my time, and they do get talked about it. I was scared I’d be known as Sophie, ‘you know that one with the sluggy eyebrows.’ Afterall, how often have you left the house thinking you look ok, to be devestated when you see a picture of you posted on social media with clown like blusher or eyeshadow that should only be present in 80’s music videos. 

I decided to look at photos and decide what kind of look I did like so I could attempt to emulate in this new era of brow attention I decided to embark on.  I didn’t like ones that looked too perfect or too dense. I liked to see the texture of the hair, I liked whisps, I didn’t like anything too regimented….basically the overly glamorous fake brow look wasn’t for me. I decided I wasn’t going to pluck them but give them a bit of oomph via products.

I have been using a powder for the last few months, and I really like it, but there was definitely room for imporvement in terms of the application. I needed to buy a really tiny brush that would allow me to create faux hairs.

This week I receieved an email from COLLECTION HQ which spoke of some of their latest products, including a DEFINE and PERFECT Eyebrow Powder. Considering that their famous concealer and their Blush and Glow Palette are firm staples of mine, I had a hunch this could become my new go-to brow product. 

I was sent Brunette 2 shade to try and I have to admit I was a bit worried it would be too dark. But, as you can see form the images, despite being a blondie my brows are probably a mousy to medium brown. 

As I applied the colour I could see it had enough of an ashy tone that it would blend seamlessly with my natural brows. One of the main issues with brow products is that they can tend to look a bit too warm – some show particularly orangey tones on camera.

 For me powder brow products are the best at achieving a natural look. Gels tend to give your brows a noticeable gloss, which isn’t something I’m personally after. For people that want to give their brows a combed look that stays in place all day, gel-like products applied with a mascara wand will achieve this though.

First time round I was a little heavy handed with this product, but luckily it was fairly easy to blend out and make it appear less saturated. Once I realised how dark the product was I ready to go, and found it extremely easy to use. The powder is applied with a thin nib which allows your to create strokes of colour. I just gradually built it up till I was happy with the density and shape – I kept to my natural shape of brow but just added some definition. 

In the pictures below you can see the difference…

 It doesn’t show as clearly in this photo as it does in real life, but my right brow (your left) has been filled in with the product. As you can see it looks darker and more defined but still looks very much like hair. I’m very impressed with how natural it looks, and I think that’s the charm of a powder product, it’s not too heavy and the texture merges seamlessy with your hair.

This week I went blonder than I have ever been before, so as I hinted before I was a little worried that darker brows would look a bit odd teamed with my lighter locks. After seeing the results I actually think you can get away with darker brows if you have brown/dark eyes. With the nineties being the look of the moment, dark and drawn on brows are pretty acceptable in general anyway- each to their own I say!

Here I am with the product on both brows. It’s only when I look at pictures I realise how much they differ. However the top make up artists always stress that you should look at your brows as sisters not twins so I’m not overly fussed that they are uneven

I wanted to post this picture below in an attempt to illustrate how much a stronger brow can help ones face to liven up a bit. Aside from my foundation and concealer I am only wearing mascara and the Collection brow product. Because I’m fair I can tend to look a tad plain and undefined if I go out without make up, or attempt a natural make up look, but the small effort of making my brows appear less sparse helps give my face a much needed boost. It sort of give people’s eye something distinguishable to focus on, and in turn draws attention to the window of your soul….which is nice!

Once again Collection have created a product that has become an instant staple.  I love how easy it is to apply, and the natural but noticeable result is right up my street. Simon even commented on how much he liked my brows today, so it must be good! At £4.99 you’d be silly not to give it a try!

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