There’s a reason us bloggers end up working when we’re on holiday. It’s because we know that we and our outfits look so much better in these climates and locations. As soon as I arrived at the Astoria Playa in Alcudia in Mallorca I knew I’d have to do a bit of posing – with it’s pristine white walls, sparkling azure pools and a backdrop of mountains and palm trees.

Unfortunately I cannot take as much advantage as I would have liked because I opted for the cheapest luggage option with my RyanAir flight, one which meant Si and I would be sharing a suitcase. I had to be very minimal with my packing and remove numerous items and potential outfit post ensembles when I realised I was 2kg over my limit during my home pre flight weigh in. 

Luckily I packed this bold zesty number from Forever 21, which pops tremendously against the pure walls of our balcony.

For many years I daren’t buy or wear Orange. One of my first jobs was doing kids parties at the local leisure centre. We had to wear extremely unflattering baggy orange t-shirts and I remember looking in the mirror and thinking it did my sallow complexion no favours. I also remember a time I wore a yellow ochre, almost orange dress once too, which my mother said made me look like I was poorly and suffering with some kind of virus. You don’t forget these comments and it truly effected how I shopped moving forward. I deduced that orange was just not my colour. 

But having been enticed to try it again, having seem some celebrities and bloggers with similar colouring to me pulling it off with such aplomb, I think I’ve found a way to do it without looking too much like I’m battling norovirus. 

Like anything, it’s about adapting it to you and your specific tones and hues. So while a pale orange may not work for you, a rusty, almost tomato may look fabulous. So what I’m saying is, don’t neglect a colour and restrict your shopping in doing so. Yes, you may have to look a bit under the weather before you finally find the right tone for you, but once you’ll have another stunning colour to choose from when you get dressed. 

I love this Forever 21 dress because it can look both dressy and casual depending what shoes you team it with. I also adore the classic retro shift silhoette (that hides all your gorging at the holiday buffet), and even though it’s quite mini the high neck keep it classy. 

Forever 21 Dress

Primark Flats

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