I had a dauntingly busy day ahead of me yesterday, but I had a rather lovely way to ease myself in to a day of running around to blog meeting and events. You’ll know that I spent quite a lot of time at Brent Cross Shopping Centre last year, and enjoyed it’s position outside of central London. I feel my shoulders are slightly lower when shopping in places a little further out from the saturated centre – there’s definitely a lot less argey bargey.

On this occasion I was headed to the Clarins Beauty Bar within Fenwick to experience one of their 30 minute treatments.

You’ll find the Beauty Bar located at the back of the beauty floor behind where their vast array of Clarins products are displayed. It’s not hard to find as it’s gleaming white and punctuated with their iconic red logo.  

I’ve been working really to hard to improve my skin of late. My instagram followers will know that I recently had my first session of IPL to try and improve my acne scarring. I’ve never accepted opportunities to review facials before because I’ve always been fearful of a bad reaction, one that would either worsen my acne or undo all the hard work I’ve putting in trying to improve the aftermath of breakouts. But I’ve been assured by many beauty blogger pals that if I was going to try any brand Clarins would be a good one to introduce me into the world of facials. I have also never felt confident enough to have makeovers and treatments at concession areas of beauty floors. I’m not confident with a bare face so have always found the public nature rather off- putting. I was so relieved to see how the Clarin’s BeautyBAR is set back into it’s own little cove – it’s tucked into it’s own space so that you are hidden just enough from the shoppers on the main shop floor.

When you arrive you’ll be asked to fill out a form. The questions regarding medication and health give you the confidence that the specialists really want to ensure they are giving you and safe and suitable treatment. I informed my specialist that I had receieved laser treatment on my face a month ago. With this information she told me that ideally you’d wait six weeks before having the Get Glowing treatment, so if I wanted to go ahead I’d have to sign to indiciate I had received the advice but was happy to go ahead. The fact that they’d flagged this up made me feel very relaxed in their care. My skin has been behaving very well since the my first laser session, so I was confident it would be okay, particularly considering most of the contents of the products are natural and plant based.

So next it was time to choose which treatment I wanted.

The eight treatment options are below. The only thing stressfull about a trip to the BeautyBAR is deciding which one to go for….they all sound so lovely! I went for Get Glowing because I’ve never been able to nail that summer glowy/dewy look.

Get Glowing

‘A made to measure facial for fatigued faces; this will rev up radiance in minutes. An experct circulation boosting massage combined with an optional fuss free application of our fuss free tan will ensure even the most weary and washed out leave looking post holiday fresh.’

Skin Care Workout

‘When it comes to your skin, do you need to press refresh? Yes? Well think of this as a workout for your skin. No time for power napping during this treatment – you’ll be working with us. Our skilled BeautyBar Specialists will address your concerns, impart insider advice on how to maintain your skin in optimum condition and create a bespoke treatment that used targeted products and efficacious massage techniques to deliver your dream skin.’

Knot a Problem

This satisfying quick de-stress works to repidly release tight musicle and swiftly ease tension from your neck and shoulders. Our industrious BeautyBar Specialists combine relaxation inducing essential oils with an intense deep touch massage to bring your body into balance. Ahhhh

SOS Facial

Complexion crisis? We can fix it fast. Our BeautyBAR Specialists are skilled at speedy skin care analysis and creating troubleshooting solutions that’ll banish breakouts, wave good bye to dryness, wage war on worry lines or deal with dullness. Give us thirtu minutes and we’ll return your skin to happy. Like, now.

DeStress Express

‘We’re totally committed to obliterating tention. No dilly dallying(too stress inducing), just tell us your two trouble zones (hans, scalp, neck and shoulders or face and eyes) and we’ll deliver a fast acting, muscle melting deep pressure massahe. Turbocharged with soothing essential oil inhalation, this thirty minute fix will guarantee lifted spirits and nerves.’

Revital Eyes

‘Brighten, tigten and revitalize lack lustre peepes in treble quick time. Take a power nap whilst our BeautyBar Specialists help fight fatigue and rejuvenate fragule skin – paying special attention to the delicate eye, lip and neck area. Not forgetting hands, they’ll get extra TLC too. Using plant propelled products, exfoliation and minute maximising massage techniques they’ll banish bags, dispath datk circles and leave your skin feeling super smooth.’

Firming Favourite

Turn back the clock with this age defying facual. While you relax our BeautyBAR Specialists will work their magic to rejuvenate your skin with youth busting botanicals. Combining circulation boosting massage to shape, film and tone facial cntours with a cocktail of high performance products – we’ll leave your skin feeling transformed. Wave good bye to wrinkles and hello to firmer, yourhtful skin – age beautiful in just 30 minutes.

A Little He -Time

‘Treat yourslef to a little he-time. This action packed treatment specifically designed for me will energise and recharge by combining deep exfoliation and tension busting massage. Using high-tech formulations to fight signs of fatigue, hydrate-skin and reduce shaving bumps – we’ll leave you feeling sharp and looking dapper in a flash. No nonsense just maximum impact.’

The lovely Jody would be delivering my glow, and wanted to talk to me a bit about how I look after my skin – what my trouble spots are, how much water I drink, and so on. When manipulating my skin with her fingers she reported that it was a tad dehydrated, which was of no suprise to me. If you’re someone that is on the go all day, going from tube to tube, it’s very hard to drink as much water as we are constanrly told to. If I was sat at a desk I may be able to get a bit closer to the target amount, but with no toilets on the underground theres no way I can take the risk!
I have also just come back from a very hot Mallorca so my skin is likely to have been affected by the sun too.

I warned her that I tend to have quite sensitive skin, but she seemed confident there wouldn’t be issues with the products that had been selected for this treatment.

Once lowered into the comfy white chair she removed my eye make up. Her gentle approach to this made me realise how rough I am with my poor peepers when eager to take it off at the end of a long day. Using a refreshing tonic on a cotton pad she gently and gradually swept all the dark matter away.

After a few minutes in the chair I completely lost track of the order of the products she was using because I was THAT relaxed. Previous to my visit had worried that it’s location within a big shopping centre may make it hard to switch off, but you really do forget about the nearby shoppers. I found myself completely zoned into the chilled soundtrack and oblivious to the those outside of the Clarins BeautyBar bubble. In fact at one point I could feel myself getting extremely dosey, which I am told is not uncommon for visitors of the bar. I was pleased to hear that they’ve had plenty of male clients too, afte-rall relaxation is not a gender thing, all of us deserve or are in need of a boost every now and then. 

The Products used during my Get Glowing treatment

The Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil restores vitality, radiance and freshness to dehydrated skin. It is applied to cleansed skin still damped with Clarins toning Lotion

Detox Booster is a high concentrate formula specifically designed to target damaged skin. You simply add 3-5 drop to your regular mask or cream.

Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner is applied with a cotton pad and is fresh fluid exfoliating liquid that brightens, smooths and soften skin.

Hydraquench is a mask specifically designed for those with dehydrated skin (like me).

fresh, fluid exfoliating lotion that brightens, smooths and softens
skin. Regular exfoliation helps to strenghten the skin’s resistance to
wrinkles and maintain the balance between preventing a build-up of dead
cells and encouraging cell renewal. – See more at:

boosters are a new innovation from Clarins. The real-time answer to
your occasional beauty needs linked to your lifestyle & environment.
The Detox Booster is a high-concentrate formula specifically designed
to target damaged skin. If your skin is suffering from the effects of a
smokey environment, many late nights or even from the effects of
pollution, the Detox Booster could be the right one for you. The Detox
Booster is designed to reverse these effects ultimately achieving
revived radiance and detoxified plumped skin. The Detox Booster has a
unique application process that is both quick and easy. Simply add a
couple of drops into your favourite Face Cream, Mask or Foundation. Use
for a day, a week or a month depending on your skin’s needs. Boosters
come in 3 different types, Energy, Repair and Detox.

    How to apply

Mix 3 to 5
drops with your regular cream or mask. Use for a day, a week or a month,
depending on your skin’s condition. Do not use alone.

– See
more at:–_-Booster+Detox_Exact-clarins+detox+booster&gclid=Cj0KEQjw09C5BRDy972s6q2y4egBEiQA5_guv4Yk-Q3qSkShgX__PmN7No9M0SMCM-3o5G_4JTTpL38aAgYE8P8HAQ&plid=#sthash.qwoPSgB5.dpuf

Once I was shown my newly gleaming in skin in the mirror I really didn’t want to cover all of Jody’s fantastic work with my usual heavy make up (even though I had it with me in case of a reaction disaster). I also wanted to ensure I allowed all the ingredients to do their positive thing for as long as possible. But knowing that I was going on to some important meetings Jodie ensured my face presentable and applied some gentle and flattering summery make up. 

My lovely specialist Jody

I’ve never used a BB cream before, because I always assume only a high coverage foundation will do all that’s needed to make me feel confident. I don’t know whether it was because my skin was in tip top condition after the treatment or because this Skin Perfecting BB creame is just really really good, but my skin looked pretty blemish free with just a thin layer of this. It also looked incredibly even, which is making me have a rethink about my rather heavy daily make up routine. My skin also had a life to it that my usual rich and thick full coverage foundations tend to remove. I have attempted created a dewy and glowy look before, but because of my tendency for going shiny it just ended up looking greasy and sweaty. Somehow in this half our slot Jodie managed to recreate that desired Gisele and J-Lo warm halo around my face, without making me look like I needed a good shower. I think having a bit of sheen to my skin gave me some of my youth back, which when you in my age bracket, in a MASSIVE bonus.

To maintain the summery look we were going for she applied some Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in a very pale peachy colour. I’m so used to sporting extremely drying matte lipsticks it felt extremely moisturising and pleasant on the lips. 


A dash of mascara, a bit of peach to the cheek and I was good to go.

This was my first expeience of these Instant Light lip products and I think I’m a little bit obsessed – look at all those beautiful feminine pinks and nudes!

The finished result 

feel like the picture doesn’t really do the justice to the positive
effects of this treatment . You can see that my skin appears much
smoother and far more vibrant that usual. The lighting is bright in the
Clarins area so you can’t see the extent of the tan, but I can assure
there was enough of difference that my boyfriend even uttered ‘corrrr’
when he saw me later that day. It was a really useful lesson in less is
more too. I’m going to try and be a bit more sparing with my make up
during the summer months and let me improved skin do the talking.

Some of the great team at the Clarins BeautyBar

It’s essential that all elements of a service are polished when relaxation is the focus. You’ll never fully switch off if you don’t feel comfortable with the people or the environment.  As soon as I met Jody and the other girls I felt completely at ease. Not only did I trust she’d do a great job, but that she’d be great fun to natter with inbetween. 

It sort of felt like a nice pamper and catch up afternoon with the girls, which made me think how great it would be to return with some of my actual gal pals. We are always looking for things we can do together (that dont’ break that bank) and at £25 for half an hour we could treat ourselves to a treatment and flank it with shopping or  some food at one of the shopping centre’s restaurants. 

It’s very difficult to find treatments of this nature and quality for less than about £40 in the city, so this is quite the find! 

I really can’t recommend the Clarins Beauty Bar enough. Not only is it extremely good value, it’s blisfully relaxing, incredibly beneficial to the skin….  and just an all round feel good experience really. Now I’ve had my first treatment I feel compelled to try the other great offerings on the menu, and the good thing is that once you’ve been 9 times you get one for free! For all my friends dedicated to a natural and plant based lifestyle, many of the Clarins products will be great for you, so if you’ve struggled to find suitable treatments till now, get in touch with the team.

Which treatment do you think you’ll go for?

I came away with some Clarins goodies to try and maintain that new found glow when I’m at home (without Jody’s expertise).


I find I’m constantly stuck when it comes to gifts. With internet shopping ensuring products are so accessable, most have sought out the things they really want, and people don’t want unwanted gifts literring the homes they’re trying to make them pinterest worthy. However, not everyone realises they need or deserve some pampering. I know I’d love a voucher for half an hours worth of bliss at the BeautyBAR, so I’m sure my friends who are either slaves to the wage or bringing up kids, would love an exuse to dip out of their normal routine for half an hour. 

If you can get your skates on you’ll be able to enjoy some of the many treats put on during Beauty Week (May 7th-15) at Fenwick Brent Cross. You can receive an exclusive Fenwick Beauty Bag with purchases of £75 or more, double beauty points all week, or get involved in some of the amazing makeovers, treatments, massages, freebies and more.

This is not a sponsored blog post. But I was sponsored to post on Instagram about my visit to the Clarins Beauty Bar. 

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