REVIEW: L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil Collection

I’ve always looked longingly (enviously if I’m honest) at those dark haired beauties. They can look so effortlessly glamorous because whatever their chosen ensemble their hair always shines. If there dark hair blessings didn’t feel unfair enough to us blondes, they also have the option to leave their hair at least a couple more days longer than us before the grease shows to an off-putting level. It doesn’t help that I always seem to go out with guys who lust after brown haired sirens. But let’s not delve into my habit of choosing men that would rather be with someone else….

There are definite plus points to being blonde. The right tone can really lift and freshen a face. I’m actually at the age where I’m searching for that shade that will inject some much needed youth. It also looks incredibly carefree and summery when teamed with tanned skin and summer garb. Also, if you’re one to neglect washing for a length of time many would deem unsanitary, then talcum powder and dry shampoos really work well with lighter locks.  While immersed in this paragraph dedicated to convincing me that blonde is better, let’s not forget that grey/white hairs are a lot less visible in blonde hair. 

Even when I’ve loved my blonde hair, the length, the cut, and the colour, I’ve never been thrilled with it’s level of shine. It’s perfectly qualified for creating beachy salty hair, or grungy lived-in looks, but it’s rarely noted for being glossy and polished.


When these Mythic Oil products arrived last week, I hoped they might offer a solution and put to bed the myth/fact that blondes cant showcase shiny hair, like those blessed brunettes.

In this post I’ll be talking about the Mythic Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, the Masque I’ll save for a future blog.

The first thing I notice when I start to use that shampoo is that lathers to a pleasing degree, which means you’ll get a fair few washes per bottle. It is translucent and has an aroma you associate with products that heal and relax. The orange tinge of the bottle makes you believe you are putting molten amber or honey on your hair which makes it feel like a positive and luxurious experience. Containing Osmanthus (I have no idea either) and Ginger Oil the shampoo promises to nourish and encourage vitality.

I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner every day this week, but I actually saw noticeable benefits after just one use. My hair definitely felt smoother and looked more reflective than normal. Although it didn’t deliver  the mega-watt shine brunettes achieve so effortlessly it was definitely up a few notches in comparison to it’s previous shine level. 

The prints featured on the bottles definitely give a nod to the likes of Morroco. The overall design with it’s golden hues, artesian design shapes and words that connote the exotic make this a product perfect for summer. Everything about it screams holiday, luxury and healing. 

I got a unique thrill out of using the Mythic Oil Conditioning Balm. When I squeezed the product in to my hand it reminded me instantly of a yummy Creme Brulee. I know it shouldn’t be that easy for someone to start day-dreaming/drooling about dessert in the morning, but I’m just being honest with you! It had the perfect consistency for covering and spreading over the lengths of the hair and my hair felt instantly smoother as soon as I washed it off. 

The magic smoothing ingredient is our beloved Argan Oil,  Fair-trade in this case, which is highly concentrated in this particular product. The other star feature is the Myrth Extract, something which is famed for it’s repairing properties.  After just a few weeks in the sun, and a whole lot rushed of brushing my hair when wet, my mane is in dire need of some of that good stuff! 

Another great feature of this line is the fact they have adapted each product according to hair type – so when purchasing make sure you opt for the appropriate one for you, be it Thick Hair or Fine Hair. 

There are some other great products in the line that contain ingredients like Avocado and grape seed oil, Magnolia Oil, Linseed and Cranberry Oil, as well as Evening Primrose Oil – so make sure you hunt down the perfect one to suit your particular hair goal or need, or to combat that current hair issue!

Mythic Oil Shampoo RRP £14.49 (250ML)

Conditioner RRP £16.49 (200ML)

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