We didn’t think we’d get a summer holiday this year. The combination of lack of funds and Simon being away for the majority of the summer at Warped Tour meant that the likelihood of us basking in the sun together by a glistening pool was about as slim as our wallets. 

Then something miraculous happened…a last minute trip to Mallorca. We were invited to stay for 4 nights at the Astoria Playa hotel, the flights being the only thing we’d need to sort out ourselves. 

A cracking deal I know, but even the cheapest of cheap flights is still quite a lot for us right now. 

So when looking for our flight out we were not only looking for the most cost effective flights, but any ways we could cut costs elsewhere. 

You know what it’s like when you buy a flight from RyanAir. It looks like a steal then you end up having to fork out for all the extras…sitting together, in-flight food, and luggage. 

Knowing that we always bring more than we need on our holidays we decided one way we could save some money was to only pay for one checked luggage.

So with this in mind how could we ensure we had enough cool clothing options but not be over the 15kg weight limit of the cheapest checked bag option. 

Okay so this benefits us girls a bit more….I don’t think Si is going to be wearing many of my crop tops or summer dresses, but he’s not opposed to sharing outerwear and shirts.


Things you can share…

Flannels/shirts are handy as an extra layer of warmth but also to cover shoulders should you start to feel the burn. As an oversized 90’s grunge aesthetic is the rage right now, girls will look super cool in their boyfriends shirts (although not all men’s shirts will be bigger of course, I’m generalising here). 

Hoodies/jumpers. If you are on a summer holiday you tend to bring a jumper or hoodie just in case the worst happens and the weather decides to hav

Toiletries: Okay some of us have specific products we just HAVE to use, like that cleanser that suits are specific skin issues for example. However, most toiletries could be shared between you and your holiday buddy.

Suntan Lotion, Aftersun and Insect repellent. Okay so you MUST have sure you have a high enough factor-  so if you’re super pale and your vacation partner is dark skinned you may need to have your own…that said we should all be opting for fairly high spfs. 

Sunglasses. Both of you love to have a classic retro style as well as modern mirrored ones. If you are not too fussed about whether they suit the shape of your face then share your sunnies and take turns.

Do you both need to bring your Laptop with you? If you are only bringing one to just check up on emails but you aren’t likely to be doing a considerable amount of work then you can probably share one, which also means less cables and potentially less adapters. 

Let me know if this helped you! 


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  1. May 3, 2016 / 8:29 pm

    Matching hair and matching clothes… Very cute haha xx

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