A night with Kourtney Kardashian and Manuka Doctor

This week has been an odd one – one that has taken me from a metal gig (Deftones) to mingling with the finacially gifted at the Polo. Wednesday saw me join an intimate crowd to watch some Punk Pop icons BLINK 182 play a show in Kingston, and last night night I was sipping mocktails in a swish hotel suite with Kourtney Kardashian. Life as a blogger is bizarre at times. You can’t say my life isn’t varied though!

Even before going up to the hotel suite in the London Editions Hotel you could tell someone of media importance was in town. Outside the entrance there was a considerable amount of people loitering, many accessoried with cameras sporting professionally lenses. It’s fairly intimidating to walk past at the best of times, but more so when you’re a non heel wearer daring to wear heels for the occasion, and even more so when you’re a person  that managed to fall down a whole flight of stairs at the train station. There’s a small chance I may have managed to look like I’ve got my stuff together and rather used to the glamorous life – little do they know that I leaned on an alarmingly stained wall a street along to change from my comfy flip flips into my very uncomfortable heels.

 I remember a past swanky event when I had to pass the waiting papps I heard one say ‘Is she anyone?” (referring to me) and hearing another papp reply ‘Naa mate”….which is something every girl can’t hear enough! 

Tonight’s soiree was to celebrate the launch of their new global brand ambassador, Kourtney Kardashian, who would be in attendance all night with invited guests…inlcuding me…how did that happen?

I love oscar-worthy movies or those that have recieved critical acclaim, and all of those gripping and well written TV dramas, but I also love those more frivolous shows that offer much needed excapism. I absolutely love a night on the sofa scoffing an MSG filled take-away watching shows like First Dates, Gogglebox, Big Brother and Love Island. When I was growing up I was obsessed with The Hills, Meet the Barkers, The Osbournes and The Real World, so it was inevitable I would be completely sucked in by a show like The Keeping Up with The Kardashians. I think it’s because their lives are, at times, are so different and glamourous compared to our own, that we can find a thrill from experiencing these amazing showbiz and luxurious moments through the TV screen. But then we also get to witness very relateable family/relationships triumps and trials which mean we end up feeling affection for them, and feel invested in their lives and and their future. 

I always felt a particular affinity for Kourtney. I loved how she always appears to put her kids first and how her family unit is one she is fiercely protective of. I also love her dry sense of humour and her ability to maintain a dead pan expression at all times. The aspect of her personality I related to the most though, was her interest in alternative health/medicine. I remember laughing out loud at an episode where she talked about ayurvedic practices because I had a very similar conversation with the people in my life, who mimiced the expressions of her skeptical sister and also look at me like I’m a bit mental. My loved ones think I am a bit of a hippy when I talk about some of the ‘potions’ and practices that are perhaps not in keeping with their traditional  mindset, but if you’ve had the amount of frustrating to and fros with doctors you’ll understand why I’m so accepting of alternative methods and ideas. 


Kourtney first expressed her love for Manuka Doctor a high performing, naturally inspired skincare line powered by Manuka Honey and patented Purified Bee Venom, in December last year when she posted a picture of Munuka Doctor Manuka Honet on her app. 

‘ I have been using the Manuka Doctor honey line for many years so when the brand asked me to be their global skincare ambassador, I couldn’t have wished for a better partnership.’

‘As fans of my show have seen, I am an advocate of products that use natural ingredients. I am incredibly excited to have this opportunity to work with a brand I believe in and introduce it to people around the world.’

What is Manuka Honey? (I hear you cry)

Manuka honey is produced in New Zealand by bees that
pollinate the native manuka bush.

Honey has been used since ancient times to treat
multiple conditions. It wasn’t until the late 19th century that
researchers discovered that honey has natural antibacterial qualities.

Honey protects against damage caused by bacteria.
Some honey also stimulates production of special cells that can repair
tissue damaged by infection. In addition, honey has an anti-inflammatory
action that can quickly reduce pain and inflammation once it is applied.But not all honey is the same. The antibacterial
quality of honey depends on the type of honey as well as when and how
it’s harvested. Some kinds of honey may be 100 times more potent than

Components of Manuka Honey

Hydrogen peroxide is a component of honey. It gives
most honey its antibiotic quality. But some types of honey, including
manuka honey, also have other components with antibacterial qualities.

Another antibacterial component in manuka honey is
methylglyoxal (MG). MG is a compound found in most types of honey, but
usually only in small quantities.In manuka honey, MG comes from the conversion of
another compound — dihydroxyacetone — that is found in high
concentration in the nectar of manuka flowers.MG is thought to give manuka honey
some of its antibacterial power. The higher the concentration of MG,
the stronger the antibiotic effect. But, there may also be other
compounds involved in the medicinal effect of manuka honey. Honey producers have developed a scale for rating
the potency of manuka honey. The rating is called UMF, which stands for
Unique Manuka Factor.The UMF rating is thought to correspond with the
concentration of MG and other compounds. Not all honey labeled as manuka
honey contains significant levels of antibacterial factors. To be
considered potent enough to be therapeutic, manuka honey needs a minimum
rating of 10 UMF. Honey at or above that level is marketed as “UMF
Manuka Honey” or “Active Manuka Honey.”

You can tell how well versed in the perfect selfie Kourtney is. Look how fab she looks…and how not fab I look. Dammit

 Presenter and DJ Lilah Parsons getting papped with the dinky star

Some of the lovely canapes we were dining out on all evening. 

Such a refreshing surprise when an event thinks of us non drinkers and puts on some yummy mocktails for us.

 Kourtney looked stunning in some fitted black trousers and a bardot crop top, teamed with a very on-trend choker. She was a complete professional all night, posing happily with all the guests for selfies and blog pictures. She didn’t even mind when numpties like me had to ask for another one upon realising the camera ISO level had turned us into ghosts. 

Her E camera crew were there to document the celebrations. I don’t think I’ll make an appearance but I think they captured her chats with Made In Chelsea’s Lucy Watson and Jessica Wright from TOWIE. 

Of course I didn’t manage to escape an evening out with embarrassing myself. Aside from the fact I was a billy no mates all night and was just trying to looking productive on my phone to avoid complete loser status, I almost manage to completely crash Kourtneys speech at the beginning. 

I was sat on the sofa nearest the entrance to the penthouse suite. When she came in I stayed in my seat and started filming from there, not realising she was planning to speak to the crowd from in front of the sofa I was sitting on. She was pretty much on top of me when I realised I needed to quickly shift myself, but of course I was laden down with a cumbersome bag and all my gubbins. I then had to squish myself into a crowd of people that really didn’t have enough space for another human body.

So…if I do appear on E you’ll probably see me looking rather flappy with my blogging camera inapproproately close to Kourtney’s face. I think I’m going to resemble one of those infamous  superfans that thrust autograph books and phones in their favourite stars personal space. Coool…..

Despite my severe lack of cool, I had a lovely evening and can’t wait to test out all the goodies we were generously gifted upon our exit.

Thanks for having me Manuka Doctor and Kourtney Kardashian.

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