It was my first time hearing Anne Marie live. Corrr, What a girl. She’s got the voice, the style, the moves, the wit….the swag (yes, I know I can’t pull off saying that). No wonder she’s been topping all those polls that suggest she’s going to be a big deal in the coming year. If she’s not on your radar yet, you will definitely have heard her powerful vocals already, having lent her enviable talent to the mighty Disclosure.

There’s plenty of good singers around, but Anne Marie has that much sought after extra something somethin…I wanted to avoid saying the X Factor, but that is the easiest way to get it across.  Her album is out now and I reccommend you make a purchase now, after witnessing her at Saturday’s Fold Festival I fully intend to show my support for this young talent. I feel like she challenges topics in a relateable way, and I predict this will endear her to the masses.

I’m no music photographer. Don’t get me wrong I love taking pictures, and I think I’d love to do it for a living, but as you will see from the images I am definitely at hobby stage, in part due to the fact I can’t afford the equipment needed. I just used my normal blogging camera for these stage shots, so some of them really showcase the lack of pixels I have at my disposal. Even though I knew the pictures I took wouldn’t be high res enough to be deemed professional, I wanted to say yes to opportunity because it’s fun, good practice and I just enjoy working with composition and trying to capture those special frames. I just thought I’d best say this so professional photogs don’t feel the need to rip them ro shreds, I’m fully aware the quality makes them look like they were taken with a potato. The fact Anne Marie looks so beaut in spite of this tells you how ruddy gorg she really is!

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