So next in my series of NY picture galleries comes from our afternoon mooching around Central Park. I had always hoped to visit during Autumn so I could experience it displaying those stunning russ, yellow ocre and claret shades, but I think whenever you visit you’ll be able to find a lot of beauty within.  

I had begged Si to agree to do a horse and carriage round the park, as I was desperate to imitate yet another Sex and the City moment, but it was firmly declined. Although I would have loved the old fashion romaticism of viewing the environment in this way, I think Si was sensible….god I hate it when he’s right. I can’t remember the exact charge for a ride but it seemed pretty extoritianate…something like $4 a minute. I was godsmacked….and very disappointed I couldn’t live out this NY fantasy.

Walking round hand in hand was pretty special too though,  and I almost felt like I was in a classic rom com….me being the romantic part of the equation, Si being the comedy as he scoffed like a ravenous animal on his frank in a bun. I’ve never been a fan of hotdogs, for me they taste like sweat smells…if you know what I mean. The walk was making me feel a bit peckish but I decided I either wanted to hunt down a Pretzel or some Churros.

 Word of warning if you aim to do the same. Pick wisely in terms of which cart you buy from. The one I got was uncooked and tasted pretty off. I still ate it of course, but it wasn’t the euphoric snacking experience I’d envisioned. 

I’ll let the images do the rest of the talking, but I’m happy to tell you that I feel completely in love with Central Park. Sitting on a bench, while Si mopped up the mustard/ketchup hybrid from his lips, I looked at people walking by and felt more at peace than I have in years. I felt genuinely happen and content, and that’s a very rare thing for me. 

Everywhere you turned there was something to remind you of the good of the world. Families having picnics laughing and sharing food. Couples nestling into each-others nooks and PDAing to the extreme (for once I didn’t mind it). People skating, couples recreating The Notebook via little boats on the lake, mediating, crating yoga poses, fishing, and so on. There were so many activities taking place that were bringing joy to the participants. There were also photoshoots taking place, which is no suprise considering how picturesque it is – their were elegant and lithe ballerinas extending their legs on the intrictae bridges, and a beautifully styled bride and groom posing against the shimmering water.

Whatever you have on you to-do list for your trip to NY ensure a stroll through Central Park is one of them.

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