Si’s at Warped tour at the moment, so the evenings at home that I’d used to try and be a bit sociable during and inevitably be forced into giving a lengthy back scratch, I know have to myself. Tonight I chose to watch a mediocre, but ultimately devestating film with my parents, scoff a bucket full of butterscoth Angel Delight, and edit some of my NY photos. 

As you guys know, because I didn’t/haven’t shut up about it,  going to NY was a huge dream of mine, one that had lasted over two decades. I had actually given up home after so many near trips, broken promises and disappointments.  As a big movie fan these iconic locations have a fantasy appeal and I wanted to be part of it. When I eventually decided to ignore the reality of my bank balance and splurge on a return flight to the Big Apple to meet Si at the end of his recording session with Dave Bendeth, I knew I’d have to try and tick off as many of the tourist spots as possible. I want to beome a character in all of those memorable scenes. 

Whenever I go to a new destination I always approach it as if I will never come back, because quite frankly, with the way things are going it is quite likely I never will (always the pessimist). The relentless and doggedly enthusiastic holidaymaker probably drove her partner insane, but I just wanted to consume and soak up as much of this city as possible.

So of course I had to drag Si to the Empire state building – the pinnacle of being an embarrassing tourist in NY. Si pretty much lived in NY for a large chunk of the last couple years so he’s almost at the point where he likes to believe he’s a native. He’d already got all the tourist spots out of the way a long time ago, but very kindly obliged me on this, my first trip – some days more willingly than others though. 

We’d already had a very busy day walking The Highline, shopping in Chelsea Market, mooching round Central Park and more, so I was starting to get my tired eyes by the time we entered the building. We thought it would be nice to take in the views from the top at sunset, but knew it would probably be heaving if we arrived just before. We got in there a bit before the sunset rush and went straight through – no queueing whatsoever. That said, even if you can walk straight through theres a bloomin’ lot of roped lines you have to travel through to get to the final lift to the top. 

The view was as breathtaking as I hoped it would be, it’s not an overstatement to say it took my breath away. To be honest that may have had something to do with the wind which was pretty much stealing my breath and whisking it away with it’s violent gusts. Very inconsiderate.

The reason we took sooo many pictures (see below) is because we thought must of them would show us hidden by my hair, or looking annoyed at the oblivious fellow tourists who loved to make cameos in our shots. Si nearly lost his **** numerous times, at some particularly rude elderly tourists who were barging people away to esnure they got their bazillion pictures and completely lacking in tourist etiquette.

The one negative I will say is the lack of seat. After a while up there I found my energy and health dwindle and deteriorate and I was desperate to sit down. There were no seats, so I resorted to sitting on the floor…just waiting for a gruff security person to tell me to get up off the floor, like they tend to do. My eyes actually filled with salty water because my muscles and bones ached so much. I think my exciteable quest to do it all clouded my judgement. I definitely tried to cram way too much in to my day. It would have been difficult for a ‘normal’ person to do that much without being destroyed but with my faitgue it was unrealistic and rather foolish. Lesson definitely learned though. 

I felt terrible preventing Si from getting his much desired Superiority Burger though. Afterwards I gritted teeth to find this award winning food destination with Si. When I saw there was a queue outside and there was no seating inside the restaurant (it was more fast food in style) I slumped by the tree outside and just told Si I couldn’t do it. I felt so bad, but it was unlike any bone/muscle pain I’d felt before. So instead we went to a nearby restaurant, with no queue, and lots of seats, and ate their instead….thankfully the food was yummy. 

So that’s my Empire State Building experience. These days a lot of people tend to Top of the Rock instead, but I just felt I had to tick this off the list first. 

Hope you enjoy my memories below…

 This is my excited face at the ground floor entrance

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