Instant Effect: Instant Lash Reviewed

There’s not many beauty or cosmetic products I am willing to fork out more than a budget amount on. Yes, I am a blogger so I have a bit of an excuse to buy more than than average person in terms of quantity (for review purposes and to be in the know about new releases) but I still have bills to pay and a saving’s goals to reach in pursuit of my dream of independance. 

But there are two areas I am willing to spend a tad more on, and that’s skincare, mainly foundation or products that target my acne prone skin, and products that promise to take care of or enhance my lashes.


When I was a teenager I would sneak into my parents bedroom before school and stealthly put on any make up I found in my mums bathroom cabinet. She’s never been one to plaster it on, but there was always a foundation (which I’d use in attempt to mask my hormonal breakouts even though it was the completely the wrong shade) and a mascara. 

I always found the activity of putting on mascara rather thrilling. I know it’s not exactly an extreme sports type of buzz, but I became instantly obsessed with its transformative effect. How my rather frail and blonde lashes could suddenly look defined and dramatic was addictive. From this point onwards mascara was not only my must-have product, but I now had a life long quest to discover the product that would make my lashes look as long/thick/curled as possible. 

So last month I got an email from Instant Effects asking if I’d like to take part in their 2 week lash challenge – using their Instant Lash effects product religiously for a couple of weeks and reporting back on my findings. After a quick google about the product and finding out what it claims to be able to achieve, it was a massive hell yes from me….although I replied far more professionally, you understand. 

So before I tell you about how I got on let me tell you a bit more about the company and their products….

The creator of Instant Effects, Richard Mears has been in the
industry for over 25 years working alongside house hold named brands
helping to create some of the best-selling beauty products on the
market.In 2009 he became jaded with being asked by major brands to
create products that did not truly deliver the efficacy he knew end
customers actually craved for. The skincare market is saturated with
beautifully packaged products that make promises that don’t deliver.
Industry sources confirmed that:

‘A quarter of all users in Europe have given up believing any claims made by products’. *
• ‘Around 67% of people are dissatisfied with the lack of actual product delivery of perceived product copy’.*

Having extensively researched consumers’ needs and frustrations he
set about creating products that would not only satisfy the need and
continued request for something that actually works, but also to do it
within categories with proven results orientated demand.
2 years of research later his first product within CULT51 took the
beauty world by storm, just one night cream with 51 anti-aging benefits
proven through Independent clinical trials.

Through continued ingredient and market research his second brand was
created; Instant Effects: is a stylish yet scientific brand with
effectiveness at its core. All products have been proven through
independent clinical trials.

Delivering targeted treatments using unique knowledge and scientific
expertise these relatively simple concepts have advanced technology at
heart. Instant Effects consists of Instant Lip, Instant Eye Lift and
Instant Lash. These three products have been formulated using
ingredients with proven technology that deliver truly significant
visible results within minutes. As he says himself “I only want to
create and be responsible for products that actually deliver true
efficacy. If they do not out-perform every other product within the
category the product will not be launched.”

So in short, they are a company that want ensure they create and sell products that genuinely deliver the fanstaic things they are claiming to be able to do. But is that more unfounded PR chit chat?

Having reviewed beauty products for longer than I wish to admit, I have become fairly sceptical about promises, claims and boasts. That said, in pursuit of the optimum lash I was willing to give it a go and hope to be pleasantly surprised. After-all 100% of users measured atsignificant benefit from using the product.

How to use the product….

It’s a very simple process of applying the product as you would a normal mascara, ensuring the cloudy transluscent formula coats the hairs from root to tip. Leave it to soak in for a couple of minutes and then apply mascara on top as per usual. 

In some other reviews I’ve read people have mentioned that they preferred to coat their lashes with the product at night before going to bed, rather than in the morning before their usual make up routine. My normal  mascara worked perfectly well after waiting the instructed 2 minutes so I applied the product as part as my make up routine as well as at night. I figured the more time I wore it the better the effect.

What it boasts….

Instant Effects’ Instant Lash is a lash volumiser that increases the
thickness of your individual lashes by up to 20% in just 2 minutes.

Individual lash / brow hairs are instantly plumped by an average of 20% in just 2 minutes

Continued usage gives up to 40% increase in thickness in just 2 weeks

Continued usage gives up to 20% increase in length in just 2 weeks

The following are pictures of my eyes made up purely with Instant Lash and a coat of my mascara. I wanted to show you guys how having long lashes can actually reduce the amount of time you spend on creating your make up look. I found that by having such long and thick lashes meant I felt less inclined to add eyeshadow and my normal thick slicks of eyeliner. I felt my new fluttery lashes added enough impact to my face I didn’t feel the need to plaster on other products in my usual heavy handed fashion. 

 I think you’ll agree that my lashes are look full bodied and healthy. Upon first use of the product I was impressed with the enhancement and noticed a dramatic different in the appearance of my lashes. You always wonder whether you are perceiving a change because you just really want to see it, but I have numerous comments throughout the two weeks – some even asking if I’d had eyelash extensions. I was particularly chuffed with it’s effect on the lower lashes because I love that Twiggy style 60’s eye look. For fellow natural blondes this is a must- have because it will immediately transform the appearance of your light and frail natural lash and give you that high glamour luxurious lash.

Moving forward I’d love to see Instant Effects create a product that encourages a lift or curl in the lash. For some reason as I’ve got older my lashes seem to grow a bit straighter and tend to drop a short while after using eyelash curlers. If they were to create a product that not only encouraged growth and thickness but also a lift/curl that would be a complete game change. But till that day arrives I will continue to use their product and enjoy the doll like eyes I can now achieve daily.

It’s perhaps a bit early to be able to showcase the long term benefits of using the product but they definitely feel a little bit more substantial after the first two weeks of use. I am very much looking forward to seeing how much longer/thicker they become in coming weeks .

 At £24.99 you’re paying pretty much the same price you would for a quality Mascara – in fact my all time favourite mascara is £23.50 (Lancome Hypnose) – combine these two lash exaggerating products and I guarantee you will be in love with your new alluring and fluterry look.

 Have I tempted you to try out Instant Lash? Please let me know how you get on if you do….

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